For this week’s episode of the Knowledge Brokers Podcast, Lisa Chinatti joins Tom Toole as Byron Lazine is away for The Broke Agent’s wedding.   

Next up were climbing mortgage rates, piled on top of a 6.5 million housing unit shortage, and what both mean for buyers, especially at the median price point. 

Then they weigh in on the impact of low builder confidence, as well as the conflicting data for unemployment, jobs, and wage growth

The conversation wraps up with what Lisa and Tom are coaching their teams on to help sellers and buyers understand and navigate the current market. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:41 Intro

00:41 Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, Senate Q&A, and Wall Street sentiments

05:29 Low inventory—on top of high mortgage rates, inflation, and pent-up demand

07:12 Housing shortage of 6.5 million units

08:50 How do agents articulate the challenges buyers face in today’s market?

10:28 Affordability will remain an issue—especially at median price points

13:58 The rate of housing starts would need to triple to keep up with demand.

17:03 The impact of the decline in builder confidence in Q4 2022

17:24 Gently used homes vs. new construction

20:03 Here’s how volatile the market is

21:51 Lisa’s and Tom’s predictions for the March FOMC meeting

24:09 Conflicting data with the jobs report, unemployment, and wage growth

33:18 What are you coaching your team on right now—starting with the seller side?

38:58 What about the buyer side?

42:03 The innovation that matters most—and what advanced agents are doing

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