Ahh yes. June. The official start of summer and vacation season. As we get deeper into the month, every person you need to reach in your real estate transaction will be unreachable. Your buyers who need to sign something will be in a remote location with no Wifi while the other agent pawns you off to their clueless assistant as they suck down daiquiris in Tulum. Truly a wonderful time to be an agent. 

Some agents take their foot off the gas during summer while others double down and increase their market share. Which will you be?

Well, I know this: you will be prepared to have one hell of a content-packed month because we have all your June posts right here!

June Holidays and Events

June is National Homeownership Month. What does this mean, you ask? Well, of course, it means absolutely nothing and didn’t exist until last year. According to the amazing trade organization that is NAR, “this month is when we promote the benefits of homeownership and recommit to creating opportunities for future homeowners.” 

Perfect time to post why buying is better than renting memes and graphics! Just kidding…don’t do that. Those rarely convince renters to flip the switch and buy something. In fact, they usually just insult them. Take it from someone who has rented six different apartments in 10 years. I insult myself with those memes.

Anyway, unlike most fake months or holidays, this one might be worth trendjacking and doing some content around. Thankfully, Coffee & Contracts had some great ideas:

1. Homeowners Stories: Interview clients who recently purchased their homes and share their journeys.

2. Show the joy of your clients receiving the keys for the first time. What’s better: sharing a Just Sold graphic or sharing a video of the joy your buyers have when they receive their keys for the first time? Anytime you can “show the experience” and share the emotional journey of the end result, it has a much greater impact. Here’s a great example of Natalie Perez-Benitoa, who filmed her clients moving into their home paparazzi style.

3. Talk about the history of homeownership and when banks started allowing loans. Sounds boring, but if you look at the timeline here in the U.S. it’s pretty interesting and would make for a great blog post or Reel explanation. Here’s a timeline you can use.

4. Home maintenance tips and checklists for new homeowners: Any “house-hacking” tips perform well on TikTok or IG. 

5. Share the value of homeownership, rising housing prices, and the equity you can gain over the years owning a home. Share national data and templates, like the ones we have for you to brand and customize in BAMx!


June 1st: Pride Month Begins

So many companies go overboard with performative Pride Month campaigns and messages that are actually not very well received by the LGBTQ+ community. So, if you want to share an earnest message of support, go for it, but try to refrain from commodifying the month. Coffee & Contracts also had a great post about ideas for this as well.

June 6th: The NBA Finals starts

In one of the most disgusting matchups in NBA history, we have the Boston Celtics and the Dallas Mavericks. If you live in either of these cities, creating content around watch parties, bars, or fan fair events would be timely and relevant. 

June 8th: Stanley Cup Finals (Hockey)

Matchup yet to be determined. 

June 13-16th: U.S. Open Golf Tournament 

Sunday is Father’s Day and the final day of the U.S. Open golf tournament, which is taking place in Pinehurst, North Carolina. If you’re a golfer, this is a good time to post golf content to showcase your hobbies and connect with your audience. 

June 14th: Flag Day

If you do any content around Flag Day or use it to send an email blast, you should have your license revoked. 

June 16th: Father’s Day

Oh, you mean National Home Inspectors Day!? Get it!? Obviously, Father’s Day is the perfect day to share the classic “Dad thinks he’s a home inspector” joke that I’ve made once or twice before…

You can also tell some stupid real estate Dad Jokes: “What does a house wear… ADDRESS!”

If you don’t want to go the funny route, here are some other Father’s Day-themed content ideas:

  1. Top Home Features Every Dad Will Love: spacious garage, backyard for BBQ’s, a home office, media room, workshop.
  2. Home Buying Tips for Fathers in the Market: talk about the school district and proximity to family-friendly activities.
  3. Talk about your dad and the impact he’s had on your life. Make it completely unrelated to real estate and heartfelt. 
  4. Talk about how dads have HELPED with real estate transactions. Instead of constantly making fun of dads, tell stories about how a father helped your client through the transaction and helped their kid achieve the goal of homeownership.
  5. Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Do a carousel or Reel about the best spots in town to get gifts or take your dad for the weekend.

June 19th: Juneteenth

Some more good ideas from Coffee & Contracts.

June Social Media Tips

Time to start shifting to summer-related content in general. Always “trendjack” the season and make sure your content reflects what is going on in real time. How to “beat the heat.” Showcase listings with pools. Talk about how the heat affects showings and changes your process. Do you arrive early to turn on the A/C? Do you wear different clothes so you don’t sweat your ass off after six different appointments? Post about the experience.

We also gave out some fire tips on this week’s Walk Thru. We covered the best times to post on social, an IG story strategy to get more DMs, and when you should switch up the length of your captions.

Hope you enjoyed those tips! If you want to dive deeper into your real estate marketing, you should definitely get into our BAMx, where we just dropped a YouTube Masterclass course. On top of our 25+ trainings, we also give you content to customize and post every week:

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