This week on The Walk Thru, veteran guest moderators Dan Oneil and Tom Toole join Byron Lazine and The Broke Agent to discuss the warnings from Fed Chair Jerome Powell on a housing market correction. 

Adjacent to that, they cover rising mortgage rates and skyrocketing 10-year treasury notes. 

Their third and final topic for the day is the BeReal social media app, which, coincidentally (or not), also ranks #3 in the app store. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch:  

00:0005:47 Intro

02:40 What happened at the BAM Bash?

05:47 Topic 1 Fed/Powell warning of a housing correction

08:10 It sounds like he wants to crash the housing market.

15:05 The hours you put in aren’t going to be enough.

17:48 Topic 2 10-year Treasury Notes

18:15 We’re gonna see a 7% mortgage rate.

20:15 The Fannie Mae report

32:55 Topic 3 the BeReal app

33:48 BeReal is the 3 in the app store

35:50 Is BeReal a competitor for SnapChat?

Click here to watch the full episode. 

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