There’s an article being circulated that states a high percentage of agents are unhappy with their brokerage—or at the very least, are looking for their broker to offer more now that the market has shifted. 

And while for some, that may be true. But what I see more often is a lack of self-accountability

So before blaming your broker for the slowdown in deals, take a moment to consider what you could do to boost your business.

Ask Yourself These Questions

I’ve been talking to a lot of agents across the country who are worried about their business. When I ask them how many hours they put into the business each week, most have replied, “Probably 20–25 hours.” 

That may have gotten you enough deals to survive between 2020 and the start of 2022, but you have to put in more work in today’s market. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you jump to blaming your brokerage:

  • What activities did you do this week? Spend as much time as possible on income-producing activities. Get specific on the number of calls, conversations, and appointments you go on each week. 
  • Did you review your 2022 numbers? To understand where you stand, you need to take some time to review your numbers over the past year. Reflect and analyze how many transactions you completed and what types of activities you did to get deals. 
  • Did you complete your 2023 business plan? Stop waiting for the last week of the year. If you haven’t completed your business plan yet, finish it this week so you can start the year strong. 

    Stop Making Excuses

    What do Tom Brady, Derek Jeter, and Michael Jordan have in common? Aside from being wildly successful athletes, of course.

    They were the first ones in and the last ones out. They were students of the game, and they outworked everybody.

    Most people put more effort into making excuses than working to come up with solutions. We’ve all heard it: 

    • I can’t work more; I have children.
    • I’m afraid to get on video because I have eczema all over my face.
    • I don’t want to make calls because I hate rejection. 
    • I’m not closing deals because my broker isn’t feeding me leads. 

    Guess what—everyone has felt these things before. The difference between top producers and those struggling is that top producers don’t make excuses. They work.

    The first investor I ever worked with had a tenant living in one of their flips and wouldn’t leave. They didn’t have any money to pay commission. I worked with that tenant for weeks until I found them a rental—and I didn’t make any money on the deal. 

    But guess who the investor turned to when they were no longer happy with their agent? Me. Because I put in the work and helped them out. And from there, I’ve been able to build up the list of investors I work with. 

    Instead of making excuses, take action and do everything in your power to set appointments and close deals.

    Take Note from Successful People in the Industry

    Look at the most successful people in our industry. People like Ryan Serhant, Byron Lazine, or Tom Toole. Do you think that they got successful because of their looks? Well, maybe Serhant did.

    They grew their businesses because they put the work in. They showed up every day and made the calls no one else wanted to make. They hosted open houses every weekend. They had more conversations than anyone in their market. And they held themselves accountable for following through with their commitments. 

    The point is, there’s no magic pill. There’s no secret sauce.

    Yes, there are instances where your brokerage isn’t giving you the right tools—and if that’s the case, call me (especially if you’re on Long Island or Southwest Florida). But a lot of times, it’s a lack of self-accountability. 

    So look in the mirror. If this is you, it’s time to get to work.