Like many of you, I have been making and posting social media content consistently for several years. One of the biggest struggles I face when going on vacation or heading to a conference is deciding whether or not to go dark on social media. 

After testing out a few easy strategies, I’ve realized that there’s no reason to cut out posting altogether, even when you just want to chill. 

This is how to take a social media break—without ghosting your followers.

Plan Ahead

Decide how much content you want to share while you’re gone.

Just because you post every day while “in the office” doesn’t mean you can’t cut back to three or four days a week when you are on vacation. So, step one is to determine how many posts you want to make. 

Batch Content

Block out some time on your calendar and create all of your content ahead of time. By doing this, you don’t have to think about what to post because it’s already done and ready to go. 

This is also an opportunity to reshare content that has worked well in the past. There are plenty of ways to do this, but my top three ways to resume content are:

  1. Reshare some of your top performing posts from a few months back
  2. Turn a static post into a Reel
  3. Turn a long caption into a carousel post. 

Schedule Ahead

Once you have created all your content, take the time to put it on the calendar and schedule them all out.

While there are paid platforms, like Later, to schedule your content, there are also free options with Meta Business or straight from your Instagram app.

How are you going to stay consistent when you take a vacation?