Over 2000 viewers joined us live for a Knowledge Brokers Panel on what agents need to know about the NAR settlement. 

And the number of viewers keeps growing. 

Byron Lazine, Tom Toole, and Lisa Chinatti hosted the panel to help agents understand the terms of the proposed NAR settlement and what they mean for agents. 

If you haven’t yet, watch the full panel and share your thoughts and questions in the comments.   

Byron Lazine also hosted an after-party in the BAMx Facebook group. The replay is available now on the BAMx platform. 

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Two landmark settlements in 8 days

This has been a busy news week for the real estate industry—from last Friday’s NAR settlement to the Compass settlement a week later—and agents across the country have questions:

  • Who will pay the buyer agent?
  • What new opportunities will agents have in a post-settlement world?
  • Will this drive mediocre agents out of the real estate industry?

Those questions (and more) explain the massive turnout for this week’s Knowledge Brokers panel. And today, the Knowledge Broker team will be talking about the Compass settlement and its implications for the industry. 

And you thought March Madness was all about basketball! 

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