Have you experienced a massive engagement drop the last few weeks on Instagram? Has it been a struggle to gain followers? Have your story views fallen off? Is your hairline receding? Do you feel sore even though you haven’t done anything remotely physical in weeks? Do you have crippling anxiety? ME TOO! But the good news is, I know why this is happening to you: you’re a real estate agent and also Instagram has yet again changed its almighty algorithm. Don’t worry though because I’m about to tell you exactly what these changes are and how we can evolve with them to make sure we still grow on this infuriating platform.

Things started getting “fishy” in April when I noticed my “accounts reached” had dropped by nearly 50% from my weekly average. This is always the most alarming IG insight because it means content is not being shown to accounts that aren’t following you. So, naturally I panicked and figured I was probably shadowbanned for posting such epic content. But, then on April 20th, I saw that Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri released another unhinged rant explaining that they are making changes to Instagram and its algorithm. 

Obviously, I was just joking about the “unhinged rant.” Out of all of the tech oligarchs that run social media platforms, this guy is one of my favorites because he straight up tells you what’s going on. He seems to genuinely care about feedback and is constantly trying to make the app better for creators. So, if you couldn’t take the 50 seconds to watch that video here’s a summary of what this lunatic said.

Product tags will be available to everyone 

Everyone will be able to tag products now. I just said that twice lmao. Should I say it one more time? Basically this means that not just the “owners” of the product will be able to tag the product from their shop, but everyone can. There we go. This will help drive more sales as everyone becomes a micro-influencer in their own sort of way. This update makes complete sense and when we start rolling out more BA merch this will be sick.

Enhanced Tags

This update was kind of confusing to me. It has something to do with your “category” and the ability to show up in a photo or video where your category is tagged. He said this will “help your identity be what you want it to be” on Instagram. Not sure exactly what that means but it definitely pisses me off. More to come on this when I figure out wtf he’s talking about.

A ranking change

This is the change we all came here for. He said,

“If you create something from scratch, you should be shot.”

Instagram wants to push creators who post original content. If you create something from scratch you should get more credit than if you are resharing something from someone else. This means that unoriginal content will show up less in your feed. Makes sense.


Now, it is important to note that IG rolls out these new features to everyone at different times depending on location, follower account, if you’ve seen the movie Hacksaw Ridge. So, if you aren’t noticing these updates yet, it’s because they haven’t rolled it out to you yet. It’s also important to note that when IG makes huge algorithm changes, it seems to affect everyone. It’s like they turned down the engagement drip on the entire platform to make sure we all know who our true overlords are. I’ve noticed this with every IG update they do. So, be patient because it might tick up again here soon once they start rolling everything out. Or, it might not and we’re all screwed.

what do these changes mean for you?

The major takeaway here is that original content will perform the best moving forward. By the way, we basically already knew this. IG has been pushing Reels, especially original Reels, more than any type of content. So, for the agents posting Reels, photos of their listings, families, hobbies, etc. you’re in a good place because that is all original. You know who’s in trouble? ME!!!

That’s right, I bet meme pages, theme pages, and repost pages will get hit hardest by this new update. But, good thing I’m not just a meme page. One thing I’ve always been proud about with my content is my ability to evolve. I’ve seen the writing on the wall for unoriginal memes for a while now, so you may have already noticed a slight shift in my content. I’ve been posting way more screenshots of Tweets because they are made from scratch and are completely original (except for the ones I steal of course). By the way, you’ll notice this is a video, which is a hack you can learn about here.

Despite the algorithm change, I will still post memes because they are still easy to consume, fun, and sometimes convey a message better than just words or videos. BUT, I will make sure I will always change up the caption and format to make it appear more original. Even if I’m doing a Reel and reposting a video, I always try to edit it in the app, throw different audio on it, change the caption, shorten it, or do something to make it more original. Rarely will I screenshot something or rip something and just post it. It’s better to provide a little commentary. But of course, always credit the originator of the content you are posting.

Another thing you can do is green screen a piece of content where you throw up the image/graphic and actually talk about it. This would be great for KCM graphics where you can provide context to the housing date that you’re sharing.

Here are some more thoughts on this update from IG “Growth Coach” Brock Johnson. Pretty funny this guy has that in his bio I wonder if people actually call him “coach” like he’s Andy Reid or something.

He’s saying here that reposting your own content is okay and that reposting content made outside on other platforms like Canva is also okay.

Moral of this story is like the moral of every IG story: 

Post original content, mainly Reels.

This will help you rank on the platform and evolve with Instagram’s continuous push to piss everyone off. Btw, we have Reels ideas on our content platform which you should definitely checkout here. May’s content is fire.


Mosseri did another video recently that we have to quickly cover.

Again, he’s saying that Instagram wants video to be a large part of the scrolling experience and a large part of feed recommendations. You probably noticed that your feed feels like 50% accounts that you don’t follow. That’s Instagram trying to serve you content it thinks you want to see. He also mentioned that Instagram will start rolling out photos that take up the entire feed like a Reel does. So, expect to start seeing photos that are 9:16.


Today this psychopath also announced that Instagram is bringing NFT’s to the app. I’m not touching this one with any commentary yet. Not on a day where my crypto portfolio is down 80% from its all time high.

Hope this helped!