What if I told you I had an Instagram Hack that would guarantee your video gets watched not once, but five plus times by every single person who comes across it…

In case you haven’t realized, Instagram is prioritizing video content. Especially short-form vertical videos uploaded as Instagram Reels. This doesn’t mean static images won’t perform well, but it does mean they probably won’t get pushed to non-followers as much as organic video content. So, what does this mean for creators who say… only post photos, memes, or screenshots of their Tweets (not referring to myself of course.)  Basically it means they better get a ring camera and start dancing OR they better find a way around it. Friends, we might have found a way around it.

The Hack

It’s very simple: Screen record the picture/screenshot you want to post for ONE SECOND and post it as a video. It will continuously loop and trick the IG algorithm into thinking you uploaded a video that is getting watched over and over and over again. Think about it: as they are reading your post the video is playing continuously. It’s absolutely genius.

Instagram coach Brock Johnson shares exactly how to do it in this post:

He says to NOT POST IT AS A REEL because Reels only loop twice, so you wouldn’t be getting those extra views. By the way you should definitely give Brock a follow he drops IG tip bombs daily.

Does it work?

I’ve tried this a few times now and it definitely works. Check out this post.

Look at the insights from this. Reached 30,000 + Non-Followers (which is what gets you follows) and the average percentage watched is 677%. This means people watched my video almost seven times because it was looping while they were reading my stupid Tweet. What complete and utter fools!


I’ve been seeing this hack on meme pages for about two months now, and I am just now starting to see it on more mainstream accounts. When I first came across a picture as a video I got pissed and confused. Why TF does this picture have views. Then it clicked. I WAS TRICKED. Bamboozled. SCAMMED! So, I opted out of doing it for a little because I didn’t want to “trick” my audience into getting views. But now, I’m clearly over it. However, I will certainly not be doing this for every meme/Tweet. I will mix it in maybe once a week so I can keep the variety of different styles on my page and to not be so obvious about it. I recommend doing the same. Test it out to see if it works and then throw it in once a week or so. I predict that Instagram will not allow this to go on for much longer or will actively start suppressing posts/accounts that do this. Instagram always wants you to use the app as intended. So, get that engagement and reach in now!

Again, I would like to reiterate that is HACK did not come from my brain. I have been seeing it on other accounts like Actually Agents, Brock11Johnson, and other meme accounts for months. Shout out to them for being early adopters.

Test it out and let me know if it works! I bet it will.



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