Everyone’s always asking The Broke Agent for his advice on social media marketing, content genius that he is. 

And one of the questions he gets asked the most is, “What’s the best way to distribute short-form videos on these platforms?”

More specifically, Do you post your TikToks to Reels? Do you post your Reels to TikTok? Do you record it in the app? What the HELL do you do!?”

How to Distribute Short-Form Content

Have no fear because The Broke Agent wrote an ebook to answer all these questions—and more. Reading it will teach you how to distribute short-form content you are (hopefully) already producing.

It’s easy to go completely crazy with content overload. But with The Broke Agent’s tips, you’ll be able to make the most of every video you create. That way, you can get back to all those income-producing activities you’ve been putting off for the past two years.

  • The best recording options for short-form content
  • What to do if you forget to save a video
  • How to distribute your exceptional content across Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts—without angering any algorithms
  • Best practices for short-form content (in case your videos are less-than-stellar)

Go ahead. Download it now. It’s completely free and packed with incredible tips.