Today, I’m going to show you how to create the perfect first-time homebuyer seminar using Eventbrite and Zapier!

You know I love automating tasks to streamline workflows as much as possible. So, I’m walking you through the steps of creating the event on Eventbrite and then connecting it with your Flodesk. This way, everyone who signs up for your event is automatically added to your email marketing database!

Use Eventbrite and Zapier to Create a Homebuyer Seminar

Click the “Next” arrow below to go through my exact process for creating homebuyer seminars, step-by-step.

Leveraging Eventbrite and Zapier allows you to seamlessly organize and automate your first-time homebuyer seminar, ensuring a smooth registration process and effortless integration with your email marketing strategy. 

Follow the outlined steps above to set up a successful event that not only educates but also efficiently grows your email subscriber base.