Today, I’m excited to guide you through the process of creating the perfect 2023 recap Reel! 

I used to spend hours editing my Instagram recap Reels, attempting to get the photos lined up perfectly with the music. The Vixer app has been such a time-saver for me, and today, I’ll guide you through exactly how to use it!

Click the “Next” arrow below to go through the steps of editing your 2023 recap Reel.

Gather Photos 

First, gather photos of properties you’ve helped put under contract over the past year. Below, I show an example of how you can utilize your MLS to make gathering your photos as easy as possible.  However, you need to check your local MLS rules to determine what photos you can use. If needed, reach out to listing agents you’ve worked with when representing buyers, asking for express permission to use photos. 

Use Vixer to Create a Video

Then, head to Vixer to upload all your photos and create a recap. 

At this point, you’re just about ready to add your Vixer clip to Instagram!  

Consider incorporating a brief clip of yourself at the beginning of the Reel. It adds a personal connection that resonates with your audience. Finally, select your audio, and you’re ready to share! 

Bonus Tip:

I had a blast sending this reel out to my past clients and asking “Can you spot your house?” This not only creates a great engagement touch point but also showcases your success in a fun way. 

Since the .1 speed feature quickly flips through each house, clients often have to watch the Reel multiple times to catch their property, boosting replays and overall Instagram engagement!