You already know how important video and social media are in order to develop social proof and be recognized in your market. However, few real estate agents use public relations as another way to showcase their expertise. 

At BAM Camp last week, Byron Lazine brought Audie Chamberlain, founder of Lion & Orb, on stage for an impromptu fireside chat. The question he had Chamberlain was simple: 

Should real estate agents have a PR strategy? 

In short, the answer is yes. 

Let’s start by talking about why.

Credibility Wins Clients

We all know a referral business is huge in real estate. But in today’s world, people spend an average of 2-3 weeks researching any product or service that is referred to them, including real estate agents. Even if the person who makes the referral is their most trusted friend or confidant, they’re still going to hop on Google and check you out. 

If the only social proof they see of you online is a bio on your broker’s website and a lackluster social media page, they aren’t going to be very impressed.

If a Google search leads them to five-star reviews, along with social media videos and posts of you adding value to your market, they’ll be drawn in a bit more.

But if search results also showcase local or national publications that quote you as a real estate expert, there’s no doubt you’ll stand out against all the other agents in your market. A PR strategy provides third-party validation—which helps you look credible and trustworthy.

As Chamerblain said onstage at BAM Camp, it’s something to add to the social work you are already doing. 

Everything you’re doing with video and social is absolutely spot on—because what are they going to see when they start searching you? All that great information, all the education, everything you’re doing. Having news reporters, having news broadcasts, it’s just going to give you even more social proof and credibility.

Audie Chamberlain

Founder and CEO, Lion & Orb

Getting Your Name in Publications

Getting a quote published in news sources—whether national news sources or local to your city—is something every agent can strive for. Hiring a PR professional is one way to go, but Chamberlain shared two free resources that agents can use:  

Both services allow you to sign up as a “source” or self-represented expert in your field. Every day, journalists send out media requests looking for quotes from experts. By taking a few minutes to read through the requests each day, you can determine if you are a fit for any, and start making pitches. 

Chamberlain pointed out that taking the time to do this is a win-win situation for agents. If you are selected, you will be quoted in a publication. If not, you have an idea of what is being discussed in local and national publications.

Now the great thing is, if they don’t use your quote…you can already see what they’re looking for. And so you’re right on the pulse of what Google is thinking about.

Audie Chamberlain

Founder and CEO, Lion & Orb

This means, in the worst-case scenario, you’ll collect ideas for new trending content.

Make the Most of Your Press

Now, let’s talk about the best-case scenario—you’ve been quoted in a publication. It’s important to make the most of that 15 minutes of fame. 

Right now, if you’re consistent on social media, you’re already telling everyone that you’re the expert. But, remember, advertising is what you say about yourself. 

PR is a journalist saying you’re funny, you’re amazing, you’re an expert. So really to position yourself as the expert, you want that third-party validation, and then you use that for a long time.

Audie Chamberlain

Founder and CEO, Lion & Orb

When a journalist includes a quote from you, they become the ones telling everyone you’re the expert. So when you appear in a publication as an expert, you want to make the most out of that press. Here are some suggestions:

  • Share the article on social media
  • Link to the article on an “In the News” page on your website
  • Send the article in an email newsletter
  • Turn the press into an ad you can boost online
  • Continue making pitches through HARO and Qwoted for additional press mentions

From there, determine if the press is getting you the results you want. Is your phone ringing from being in an article? Are you getting new leads that contribute to your business?

PR is an ongoing process, and consistency is key. Over time, as you accumulate more press mentions, your reputation as a real estate expert will solidify. By combining PR efforts with your video content and social media presence, you’ll establish a strong online presence that sets you apart in the competitive real estate market. 

So, yes, real estate agents should have a PR strategy to enhance their credibility, reach, and ultimately, their success in the industry.