What’s the first thing you do for your real estate business every morning? And why do you do it?

We’re asking mainly because we’re curious—because what you give your attention to first thing every morning, after the usual mundane activities, must be pretty important. 

If you’re shrugging your shoulders right now or thinking, “Yeah, not so sure about that,” this might be a good time to choose a new first real estate task to start your day. 

If you’re wondering what that could be, you’re in the right place. In the BAMx Facebook group, The Broke Agent posed the question, “What is the FIRST real estate related activity that you do in the morning?” And our amazing BAMx members did not disappoint. 

Here’s what we learned. 


Email is a hot one for many. And yes, when it comes to emptying things and starting fresh, there are parallels to be made. There’s something satisfying about purging your inbox of anything that’s a complete waste of your time—and responding to messages that are not. 


The Hot Sheet—or another BAM podcast

Some of you make the daily Hot Sheet or another BAM podcast your first real estate to-do of the day (and rightly so). You’ve probably heard, at some point, that you’re the average of the five people you spend most of your time with. That includes books and audio. 

Here’s to a new and improved average.


MLS first

Some of you check the MLS first thing—before email or real estate news. And it makes sense that you’d want to stay on top of inventory for your area. If anything new hits the market, you want to be the one telling your client about it (not the other way around). 


Other first things

Other agents’ first things included checking the calendar, posting social media content, reading news and market updates, and reviewing active buyer leads. Raise your hand if any of the following are relatable.  


Meanwhile, on X

The Broke Agent also posed the question on X (fka Twitter) and received 21 responses (as of this writing). Aside from comments like “Scream into my pillow” and “Check the price of #btc,” responses were similar to those in the BAMx group:

  • “Check email and new listings.” (Zeen @zeenmachine12)
  • “Touch base with PM and check the MLS (Dustin @residentialOG)
  • “Check the 10-year.” (Matthew Thompson @maffewthompson)
  • “Check Twitter.” (Nate Pentz @natepentz)
  • “Check X (and email).” (Marco @proximainvestors)
  • “Check the Hot Sheet.” (Scott Indy @ScottIndy2)
  • “Shoot a quick text to every lead that hit my database after hours the night before.  Then start callin’.” (Ben Guyton @BenGuyton)
  • “Check emails and texts.” (Shelly Weeks @603dreamhome)
  • “I’m checking the Hot Sheet and new listings for my buyers.” (Scott Cason @sellwithscottky)
  • “Attend my broker meeting. Every weekday.” (Open Letter to My Kids @ElNewAgent)
  • “Catching up on real estate news, which is usually just sent to my inbox because I subscribe to a number of newsletters.” (Tyler @KenjiCapital)
  • “Check the new listings and solds.” (Rod @RealtorRod)

So, what does this mean for you?

Nothing, really—unless your current morning routine isn’t working for you or unless you’d like to experiment with a new first real estate activity and see what difference it makes. 

And I know, this is pure bias on my part, but if you happen to be starting your day shortly before the 9:30 am ET live broadcast of the Hot Sheet on YouTube, that seems like the best way to get your head in the game. 

If you can watch or listen to the Hot Sheet while getting in some movement, even better! Or maybe there’s something you do that gets your brain firing on all cylinders before you tune in to Hot Sheet. Also valid. 

This is a tough market. Whatever you do as your first real estate activity of the day, we hope it’s something that helps you build momentum and get the important things done. 

Make sure it’s the product of a conscious decision you made at one point to prioritize that real estate activity and get it done before everything else—for your own reasons. And give yourself permission to review the effectiveness of that choice and make adjustments as needed.