This week, Byron Lazine welcomes Katie Clancy for the first time—and hopefully not the last—along with veteran guest moderator Brooks Landry of “Be a Realtor” fame and, also here for the first time, Zachary Foust, the guy with the million and a half followers on TikTok

That’s right. We have three guest moderators for our 30th episode of The Walk Thru

The Broke Agent is away this week, and we’re taking full advantage of the chance to add another new voice to the show.

Today’s trending topics start with Fannie Mae’s report on consumer confidence, followed by Black Knight’s report of a $1.3 trillion loss of equity.

Next up was a Zillow survey on the biggest misconceptions in today’s market. And finally, the show wraps up with Instagram’s reveal of its two new features—and what that means for tools like Hootsuite.

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch:  

00:0002:49 Intro

02:49 Topic #1 – Fannie Mae report on consumer confidence

05:52 What would you say to those sitting on the sidelines?

17:12 Topic #2 – $1.3 Trillion in lost equity (Black Knight)

25:41 While this chaos is happening, there are opportunities.

27:01 Topic #3 – Zillow Survey on Biggest Misconceptions

34:04 It boils down to education.

34:39 Topic #4 – Two new Instagram features

34:54 The #1 feature: Instagram users can now schedule their posts

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