Two weeks ago my friend texted me a link to an Instagram from someone named Brooks Landry. Then I got tagged in one of his Reels. Then he popped up in my TikTok. Then a bunch of people DM’d me his videos. Then he appeared in my feed. Then he was in my HOUSE! Clearly, the Instagram Gods wanted me to consume his content. So, I followed him and began watching his “Be a Realtor” series. I watched about fifteen of them and came to the conclusion that Brooks had struck content gold.

Here’s why…

First, watch a couple of these so you understand what is going on.

It works, right? The videos are getting thousands of views on both TikTok and Instagram and are being shared everywhere in the real estate community.

So, Why Does It Work?

It’s Trendy. He did what I have been preaching for years at this point: he trendjacked a popular post STYLE and put a real estate twist on it. Right now there is a popular creator on Instagram and TikTok with the handle @bostonbeaman who posts viral comedy videos with the phrase, “Be A Man” finishing each one.

Brooks is basically doing the exact same thing but replaced “Be a Man” with “Be a Realtor.”

He’s capitalizing on a trend and niching down to a more specific real estate audience.

It’s Short-Form Vertical Video. The “Be a Realtor” series is perfect for both TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Shorts. Quick-hitting, high quality, vertical video is how people consume content and is what social algorithms are pushing the most. His videos are about ten seconds long which is perfect for the dwindling attention spans of consumers. Viewing retention is one of the most important factors that determines the success of videos and this series will almost always get watched all the way through.

It’s Replicable. He can film a million of these in one hour. I just did a blog post on “The Power of Bulk Shooting” which this series is perfect for. He can bank these and post whenever he wants as most will be evergreen content, meaning they are continually relevant.

It’s Predictable. You know what you’re going to get with each one. The music is consistent and the captions and snappy editing throughout keep you engaged. It’s got a formula that makes you stay for the whole video. Why wouldn’t you watch the entire thing?

It’s Engaging. After you watch each one you want to come up with your own “Be a Realtor” bit. So, you leave a comment and hope that Brooks uses one of your ideas. This gets him more content with each video and also more engagement as people battle for “likes” in the comment section.

It’s for a large, but niche audience. Realtors should make content for their specific market AND for a larger audience. If you only focus on a small niche, it makes it difficult to grow on any platform. This series is intended for real estate agents, not his clients. This will help him pickup other agent followers that will hopefully lead to referrals.

It’s too easy. The content is there for him on a silver platter. He can literally just go to my page and scroll through nearly 4,000 posts about Realtor cliches. Obviously, he is coming up with content on his own as well, but it certainly helps to crowdsource.

It’s Shareable. Now, is this series laugh out loud, cry your eyes out funny? No. But, it hits that perfect chuckle zone. It’s self deprecating, self aware, and it’s not laced with profanity which makes it easier for people to share. I hate that I just said “chuckle zone” btw. I’m not going to delete it because I think it works, but I want you to know that I hate it.


I’m pissed I didn’t come up with this myself. It’s a better way of memeifying short-form content that appeals perfectly to the algorithm. It’s important to acknowledge that so many people try to do “a thing” on social media and it rarely hits. Credit to him for finding something that works.

It will be interesting to see how sustainable this series is. Will it continue to explode in popularity or will he run out of steam? We will be following Brooks and his videos closely.