Have you already failed 2023? 

New Year’s Day comes, and you are sitting on the couch with your family, watching a fun movie together and munching on your favorite snacks. 

Hours later, you see an Instagram post that reads something like, “If you didn’t wake up at 4 am, jump into an icy-cold shower, and get your ass to the gym on January 1st, you’ve already LOST!” 

This is why my original plan for today’s post went right out the window. 

This is a mindset episode for you guys. Because I’m just tired of this bullshit, these self-proclaimed gurus that talk tough and are so quick to shame anyone who hasn’t racked up the same impressive list of actions on the first day of the year. 

And they are completely missing the point. 

They’re out there pushing the idea that if you don’t have specific actions—i.e., exactly what they are doing for the first 15 minutes of the year—you will have zero results. It doesn’t work that way. Action is part of it. But action is actually a symptom of having the right mindset. 

And if you’ve got that, no matter how many times you stumble or take a break to deal with something else in your life that needs your attention, you will be amazed by what you’ve accomplished by the end of 2023.

Listen to the podcast above, or click on any of the timestamps below to watch:  

00:00–06:16 Intro

06:16 The post Dustin wrote to his Massive Agent Society group

07:37 The success game is a marathon—not a sprint

10:38 Each person is running their own race.

11:35 What matters is you’ve decided what results you’re getting

12:40 Tough talk is easy before the real challenges come

15:07 Focus more on the daily habit than on the results

16:09 Dustin’s new habit for 2023

16:39 It doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing

19:58 Do NOT beat yourself up if you slip up or if you take a break

20:30 Why many of those talking tough right now will quit within two months

21:38 How to recognize a real champion

22:39 Success is about the long game, and consistency is the key (not perfection)

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