This week’s Knowledge Broker Podcast, Lisa Chinatti joins Byron Lazine and Tom Toole to discuss the latest real estate and housing market news, starting with a review of spring home shopping seasons past to see if this year’s buying season will be a bust

From there, the conversation turns to the rise in pending home sales in spite of low inventory, the two different buyer mindsets, Boomers vs. Millennials, the California mansion tax, and a tale of two housing markets.

Byron, Tom, and Lisa then discuss the best strategy for agents in Q2 and share their thoughts on the class action commissions lawsuit—and how it could affect the market. 

Tune in and share your own thoughts on a possible episode discussing the value of NAR. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:20 Intro

01:10 Mortgage rate stability and an increase in consumer confidence

03:00 Pending sales are up the most in the Northeast

05:10 Two different buyer mindsets

06:17 Boomers vs. Millennials 

10:04 Only 1% of sellers want agents to create videos (NAR)

16:25 Agents need to adopt ‘journey breath’ (or ‘relationship breath’) 

23:11 Boomers and the tale of two housing markets

29:15 The California mansion tax

31:19 Best advice for agents in Q2

35:38 Thoughts on the class action commission lawsuit

44:00 A full episode on the value of NAR

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