In this week’s episode of The Real Word, Byron Lazine and Nicole White return to OG style with three rackets. Now that Washington is focused on preparing for the next election, there’s less content related to the housing market. Hence the absence of the “Left, Middle, Right.” 

For starters, they discuss a Gary Keller article on Inman, which spelled out what agents need to be doing right now. Adjacent to that, they break down two other articles to expand on the housing market correction and how to know where the bottom is

Racket #2 focuses on a Business Insider article where billionaire Grant Cardone claims he and other real estate investors will “‘save the day’ and prevent a home price crash.” 

It’s a title that begs for clarification (among other things), and Byron and Nicole deliver. 

Today’s third racket focused on a new article by BAM Creator Troy Palmquist on the “little things” that could be undermining your real estate business. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0002:22 Intro

02:22 Racket #1: Gary Keller’s Inman article

07:56 Nicole’s take on Gary Keller’s article

10:23 The huge silver lining

11:09 Where Byron disagrees with Keller

14:02 Racket #2: Grant Cardone saying he’ll “save the day”

18:24 “What he’s gonna do is make it more unaffordable for entry-level buyers.”

19:39 Racket #3: Are the “little things” undermining your business?

21:34 Ryan Serhant’s $250,000,000 listing

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