This week’s episode of The Walk Thru started with a provocative question that Chris Smith posted to Instagram: “Realtors: Do you consider the seller your temporary boss?

Agents reacted, and today, repeat guest moderators Victoria Velazquez and Brooks Landry joined Byron Lazine and The Broke Agent in adding their own thoughts.

Next up was an article written by BAM Creator Troy Palmquist: “Feeling Gucci: What Really Defines a Luxury Real Estate Agent,” followed by another BAM article on “Housle—the Wordle of Real Estate.”

The fourth topic highlighted a recent confession by Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman on the collapse of their risky iBuying venture. And finally, the four weigh in on Brooks Landry’s IG Reel about Facebook’s latest change and what it means for real estate agents.

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0003:57 Intro

03:57 Topic #1: Are your sellers your (temporary) boss? 

17:08 “I don’t want a partner.”

20:04 Topic #2: “Feeling Gucci: What Really Defines a Luxury RE Agent” 

23:07 “Do you stage a $300K home—out of pocket?”

31:27 Topic #3: “Housle: the Wordle of Real Estate” 

32:05 Personal takes on Housle

36:58 Topic #4: Glenn Kelman’s confession about Redfin’s iBuying venture

42:13 Owning your mistakes versus blaming the market

44:18 Topic #5: Brooks Landry’s Instagram Reel

45:54 The Broke Agent on audio for Reels

50:00 “I’d stay away from it 90% of the time.”

54:25 Next week’s KCM webinar: “Demystifying the Market

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