On this episode of The Massive Agent Podcast, we’re asking a very big question: “Is it (really) possible to be a great parent and be a top producer?”

More to the point is the question, “How?” How do you juggle school and meals and activities and quality time with your kids, quality time with your spouse or partner, and quality time with your clients?

How do you get your clients into the homes they need to see quickly and write offers and answer their questions—while being there for your kids? Is it possible?

Well, today, we’re bringing on Marina Tolentino from Hawaii. She’s a supermom and a super-agent in Oahu who is running multiple businesses and selling a crapload of homes. And she is a present parent.

I say this not to shame any of you who may not be where Marina is now. She wouldn’t want that, either. She’s here today to share what she’s learned along the way that has helped her juggle her roles as a top-producing real estate agent, driven entrepreneur, and full-time parent.

The whole point here is to support all of you as you learn the ropes as a real estate agent—and we’re always learning—while also being there for your families and taking action when your attention is needed or when a new opportunity comes that you just cannot pass up.

I can’t wait for you to meet Marina. She’s a rising star in the real estate industry and one of the best humans you’ll ever meet.

Wait until you hear Marina’s schedule and all the different things she’s juggling. She didn’t get there overnight. Honestly, just hearing about all she’s doing exhausts me, but she’s doing it. And she has some tips that might be just what you need to hear today.

Listen to the podcast above or click on any of the timestamps below to watch:

00:0008:39 Intro

11:00 How Marina grew into the role of educator and top producer

14:39 Aside from her family, what comes first?

15:23 Challenges she faced as a real estate agent with young children

22:14 What she’s working on now

24:50 The average price point for the homes Marina sells

26:47 Why her team has a high retention rate

29:07 Her advice for aspiring agents who are also mothers

37:09 How she’s getting business from her YouTube videos

38:47 What she knows today that she wishes she’d known starting out

40:05 Everyone has a starting point (with videos, etc.)

42:17 Marina’s webinar—from setup to results

46:41 Teaser for an upcoming Massive Agent webinar

47:52 Short- and long-term benefits from hosting webinars

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