By now, you’ve heard the news: another real estate show is coming this fall. 

When BAM first heard, we took it to IG to ask the only question that matters: Will you be watching? 

The responses ranged from hell yes:

To those who gave it a hard pass:

So we decided to go straight to one of the show’s stars to learn what makes Buying Beverly Hills different from the shows already out there. Jon Grauman, founder of Grauman Rosenfeld Group, shared all (or, at least as much as he’s allowed to):

Fresh Perspectives

Grauman is no stranger to luxury real estate. As a leading agent in the LA market, he built a list of impressive accolades well before casting took place. 

So while the Debbie Downers assume the show will be all drama (which we’re sure there will be plenty of), there’s also bound to be a lot to learn.

Viewers will get a peek behind the curtain as to how Mauricio Umansky runs The Agency. The show also offers perspectives about the luxury market many don’t typically see. 

In this very competitive or oftentimes contentious and high stakes world of luxury real estate, it shows how we negotiate through certain deals. It shows us landing some career-making marquee listings; one of them is a nine-figure listing over $100 million. And that’s not something that most people get an insight to every day.

Jon Grauman

Buying Beverly Hills vs. Selling Sunset

While there are plenty of real estate shows out there, there’s a natural comparison between the upcoming Buying Beverly Hills and the already streaming Selling Sunset

They both follow top-producing real estate agents in LA. They are both on Netflix. Both even have alliterations in their titles. But there is a distinction between the two. 

I think Buying Beverly Hills is going to offer people a unique insight into the high stakes world of real estate and one of the most affluent markets in the world.

Jon Grauman

Grauman also pointed to the relationships on the show. Of course, there’s the family relationship between Mauricio Umansky and his daughters Farrah Brittany and Alexi Umansky, but the rest of the agents also have strong ties. 

All the cast members, including myself, have known each other for a very long time. So it makes the relationships you see really authentic, both the family dynamic between Mauricio and his daughters and then the dynamic between myself and my colleagues here at the company.

Jon Grauman

Ready for the Premiere

Netflix hasn’t released an exact date yet, but expect Buying Beverly Hills to start streaming this fall. In the meantime, Grauman and his team continue to do what they’ve always done – focus on growing their business. 

When it does premiere, he’ll see it with the rest of us for the first time, with a mixture of nerves and excitement. 

I mean, there’s a natural level of nervousness with it….I’m a real estate agent. I sell real estate for a living. So just to see myself on television is nervous in and of itself.

You know, I’ve participated in it, I was part of it, but it’s kind of like being one brushstroke on the canvas. I want to see what the actual painting looks like. So I’m most excited for it to just be out and to actually get to see it. I’m going to be sitting there with my popcorn just like everybody else.

Jon Grauman