In a recent talk, Byron Lazine, co-founder of BAM, and Bobby Kawecki, BAM’s lead video producer, broke down exactly what agents need to do to build an addictive brand in real estate today. 

Any agent who isn’t committed to creating short-form video in 2023—and learning how to excel at this medium—is passing up their best shot at building a standout brand in record time and transforming their business in the coming year. 

Byron and Bobby talk about how to craft successful hooks, the biggest mistakes agents make with video, what green screen is (and why you should be using it), and how today’s social media algorithms can help you level up your game. 

They also share several examples of their highest-converting videos and clips for YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok— so you can apply the same winning formula to your video content. 

Stay tuned to the end to find out what’s stopping most people from posting—and how it can become your fuel rather than your biggest obstacle. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:22 Intro

02:46 Byron’s best-converting short-form videos

04:03 What’s working and not working with clips

05:06 The biggest mistake Byron sees agents making

09:11 Bobby’s second biggest FAQ regarding video

12:00 How to get your audience’s attention fast

16:01 Hook your audience with 50/50 sentences

17:27 The beautiful thing about social media algorithms

19:49 Byron’s advice to everyone for 2023

21:10 What’s “green screen” and why you should be using it

25:36 The best way to deliver educational content

28:40 Nobody’s covering town hall meetings

37:04 Why you’ll never be able to compete with Zillow—and how to use that

39:25 Where you need to be for the fastest organic reach

41:11 How to create the most effective captions

43:46 How to make it easy for your audience to comment

46:25 Why you should reach out to collab with local influencers

48:17 Is voice-over phasing out?

54:25 What’s stopping most people from posting (Don’t miss this!)

Click here to watch the full video on YouTube. 

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