Real estate agents tend to mostly post content about what we do during the day. If not done right, this can come off as a humble brag—or worse, salesy. Something many people neglect is posting what’s going on in their personal lives for fear of sharing too much or coming off as unprofessional. But often, consumers relate to personal posts, helping you forge a stronger relationship and create more engagement

Creating a carousel content piece is a simple and easy way to show proof of business without being cringeyand it gives people a glimpse into your personal life. 

Throughout the week, I take pictures and videos of my daily happenings in both my business and personal life. On Fridays, I post a recap of my week and create a carousel using the pictures and videos. It’s been getting quite a bit of engagement, and I’ve had many people reach out and say they love reading about it. 

Here’s how I do it: 


“Dear Diary, this week was a blast!”

A strong hook is always the best way to grab your audience right away. Instagram is somewhat of a digital diary, so I thought that was a great way to start the post and have people wanting to keep reading. 


I helped a couple buy a townhome, and they didn’t think it was possible for them to do so. I posted this picture of me with them, but we also made a video that included goofy hats, crazy sunglasses and bad dancing (mostly on my part) to celebrate. This shows that I am busy selling real estate, but also shows a little bit of my personality and that I know how to have a good time and make everything fun for those I work with.


I love to read and decided to join not one – but two – book clubs. We were reading a book that was so good I couldn’t put it down. Several people reached out to me to talk about other books they’re reading and we swapped recommendations with each other. I was able to share something I like to do in my free time, and it helped me connect with others I had no idea had the same love of books as me.  


I had coffee with another Realtor in a local shop. I want people to know that I not only live here, but I am active in my community, support local businesses, and I know the best coffee shops, restaurants, and stores to make recommendations. 


I had a listing appointment via Zoom with a seller who is selling the home she and her husband shared. He passed away unexpectedly and with tears in her eyes, she shared all kinds of personal memories with me. While this is another example of my selling real estate, I was also able to show that I’m a human and have compassion and empathy towards her and her situation, while also doing my job of helping her navigate how best to prep her home for sale. 


Most everyone knows me for my pink hair, and I was in bad need of a touch-up! It was so faded you could barely see it and I just didn’t feel like me without it. If you know anything about me, I’m all about authenticity and being bold with your personality. Pink hair may not be for everyone, but it shows people I don’t just talk the authenticity talk, but I walk the walk too, and hopefully inspires them to be bold, too!


I am super close with two of my sisters. They are truly my best friends. We always make it a point to plan a weekend every few months for us to get together. This time, we’re going to Disney! Showing people a glimpse into my personal life and family is important. It shows people you’re not just a realtor selling houses. You’re a human just like them.


I was on a flight out of town and was able to watch the sunrise from the plane. It was definitely a moment to remember that even amidst the busyness of life and business, it’s important to stop and take in the peace that comes from a simple moment like watching a sunrise. 


Sometimes people need to be told what to do next, so I ended my post by simply asking others to share what they did that week in the comments. This is not only a perfect way to connect with your followers on a new level, but it also creates engagement on your social media page.