Brad Lea is making some waves in the real estate community with a new Instagram Reel titled, “Real Estate Agents: I’m not sorry.” 

“I don’t know why real estate agents don’t just…stop!” 

In the next sentence, he clarifies a bit: “You get rich by owning real estate, not by selling it. Most Realtors are not rich.” 

Lea made these comments on episode #508 of the Dropping Bombs podcast with Shawn Meaike. In the episode, he talks about how people in financial services—specifically insurance—have made more millionaires than any other industry on the planet. 

Comments on the Reel are quickly accumulating as real estate agents across the globe weigh in on Lea’s virtual pat on the head. Some agree with his take. Others not so much. 

Here are the highlights. 

Messing around with real estate

Early in the Reel, Brad Lea directly addressed real estate agents:

You have a better chance of being a millionaire doing this than anything else, and you’re over here messing around with real estate.

Brad Lea

The implication that real estate agents are just “messing around” selling homes when they could be making real money selling insurance elicited a healthy reaction from agents on Instagram. 

The idea of real estate agents owning and investing in real estate is not a new thing. The wealthiest real estate agents are also investors.

Get thee an insurance license

Lea’s message for real estate agents wasn’t all negative. 

Guys, you’ve got your license. Good! Keep it; it’s an asset. Now, go get your insurance license and let’s make some real money so you can buy and own real estate and get rich like you’re supposed to in real estate.

Brad Lea

Brad Lea’s post was one of the hot topics discussed on this week’s episode of The Walk Thru. And while no one can dispute Lea’s mastery of the hook (The Broke Agent even called him “the hook master”), Byron Lazine disagreed with one of his points:

Where I don’t agree with Brad is that you can’t do that from the real estate agent side. You can only do it from insurance? You can’t do it from car sales? I think you can do it from car sales, by the way. If you’re the best car salesman/saleswoman on the planet, why couldn’t you take that money and invest in real estate? Why can’t you do it as being one of the best agents? I mean, we know some wealthy agents, do we not?

Byron Lazine

The more you make, the better

Lea’s message wraps up with a “money isn’t bad” PSA. Not sure if he’s thinking about the “money can’t buy happiness” folks or just trying to paint a picture. Could be both. 

The more you make, the better off you are because you can make a bigger impact with people, you can have better health care for your family, you can have better education, better Christmases, better holidays…. Money is not a bad thing, and I can show people how to make a whole bunch of it.

Brad Lea

Listen, there are a lot of broke real estate agents out there. But there are also a lot of wealthy ones. Earning potential is unlimited in real estate…the question is, are you willing to work for it?