Contrary to what you may think after reading Worst of the Week, we aren’t ALWAYS assholes. And let’s be real—there are some pretty drool-worthy home design features out there. 

So, to balance out the negativity, we’re bringing you real estate’s Best of the Week. We’ve scoured Instagram to bring you a collection of breathtaking properties and innovative designs that will leave you feeling inspired (and maybe a little jealous). 

Sit back, relax, and take some time to swoon over these beautiful homes and design features!

#1— Cruise on Home

This one’s not a house, but can you imagine waking up to this view every day? Apparently, you can live on a cruise ship for $30,000 a year—making it more affordable than rent in most cities.

cruise ship

Source: CNN

#2— Spacious Shower

Spa day, anyone? This shower, and really the home as a whole, is a dream. 

#3— Hobbit Home

This place looks straight out of a movie—it would make the perfect themed Airbnb.

#4— Aesthetic Wet Bar

The backsplash and paint combo here isn’t one I would’ve pictured looking good on paper—but wow. It’s a setup that would keep us home on Friday nights.

#5— Chic Lounge

This looks like it could be part of a penthouse hotel suite.