This week’s Bammer of the Week goes to Nahed Benyamein aka @NahedTheRealtor! Nahed is legendary realtor in Norwalk, California and happens to be the mother of the hilarious realtor, Krys Benyamein who has built up a large following on Instagram with comedic and informative Reels. 

Nahed is just as popular as her son and if you watch any of her content you’ll see why.

Her infectious smile and delightful energy comes through in every post.

Nahed is not a one trick pony. Her content can also be serious and heartwarming. Checkout this video she posted about the story of one of her clients, Ricardo Aguilar. Instead of sharing a Just Sold graphic, she told an incredible story about the people behind the sale.

Checkout this educational, conversational video she did with another realtor about inflation and its effect on millennials. 

Read the comments on this one. Her clients and fans are obsessed with her.

Also take notice of her thumbnails. Scrolling through her IG is like scrolling through YouTube. The text and photos she uses makes her profile easy to search and gets you to click. This success and following is no accident. She’s very tactful, very creative, and very consistent. Most of all, she’s just extremely likable and easy to root for. 

I actually had the pleasure of meeting her at last year’s Tom Ferry Summit and she was probably my favorite person to talk to. Everyone should go give Nahed a follow. She’s the best.