This week’s Bammer of The Week goes to Richard Parham aka @real.estate_rich. I saw him tagged a bunch in last week’s post and had to check out his profile. After watching his content I was shocked to see that he had less than a thousand followers. He’ll be over that soon because this guy crushes short-form song parodies and skits. The amount of effort and song writing that goes into each Reel is extremely impressive. He deserves way more exposure.

Let’s get into some of his content.

This take on “Take on Me” called “Take this House” is laugh out funny and extremely clever, looking like an 80’s music video.

I just want to list your home tonight…He does these incredible duets/collabs with @micahwrealestate. Take note of his long captions. The entertainment is in the video and the value is in the caption. Really smart strategy.

As a Star Wars fan myself I loved this skit where he somehow related Boba Fett to real estate vs. technology.

Here’s another parody, this time rapping over Ice Ice Baby. The flow is mediocre, but the lyrics and bars are absolute flames.

I love that Richard is sticking to high-quality, short form video. These are not easy to keep under 90 seconds in Reels format, but he does a great job at it. If he keeps this up he will blow up soon. Give him a follow and check out his profile to see more hilarious skits, songs, and education.