This week’s “Bammer(s) of the Week” goes to The Property Brothers…In Law. Not the actual Property Brothers. Those guys are insufferable cringe lords. These guys are hilarious. Their names are Michael Reddin and Ryan Palianto and they are actual brothers-in-law that work at the same brokerage in New Jersey. I don’t know much more about them other than they reached out to me a few months ago and sent me one of their TikToks. 

Since sending me this video, they have grown their following from just over 1,000 followers to over 8,000. I collab with them like every other week because they produce nothing but bangers. This one, titled “Realtors Trying to Go Viral on TikTok” is my favorite. 

It got over 1200 comments and for good reason. They must be actors or have had a background in theater because their charisma and timing is off the charts. I haven’t seen a midichlorian count like this since…

If you’re in the 3% that understood that Star Wars reference, I applaud you.

Anyway, back to these guys.

As you can see, they put up numbers. It’s a great set up. They film it, produce it, edit it, and then send it to me. This has always been my goal: get content for BAM that 1. requires little effort from me by people funnier than me and 2. allows us to spotlight these Creators and help them grow.

From a content perspective, the Property Brothers-In-Law are brilliant.

They can do longer-form like the video above, short-form duets/remixes, and completely original content with their own unique take on the cringe of the real estate industry.

Not sure what their end game is: to grow their following to improve their real estate business OR grow their following to get out of the real estate business? Either way they are crushing it. They could be legit actors and I predict that as this continues they will start to get cast in some shows if they haven’t already. I truly know nothing about them, but I text with Ryan (I think it’s Ryan) a few times a week. 

Below is one of our exchanges. The context is they sent me a video that I thought was funny, but that completely flopped. It got 30 likes in 20 minutes which is an embarrassment. I had to delete it.

Here’s that disastrous video. 

And here’s how he responded…

See? They are hilarious. Give ’em a follow. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next. 

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