The madness of March is finally over. 

News of the NAR settlement broke and it was not an April Fool’s prank. Now, more than ever it will be important to stand out from the crowd of other real estate agents with quality, valuable content. So, here are fifty meme ideas complaining about commission. 

Just kidding! Here are some April content ideas for real estate agents.


April 1st: April Fool’s Day

As we know, every day in real estate is April Fool’s Day. 


I am aware that by the time you read this, it will be difficult to make this content as it will only be relevant for one day. So, here are two simple ideas that you can execute in the next hour! Go!

  1. Say something ridiculous and then debunk it with “April Fools.” For example, you can hit them with a BS stat like, “Did you know that sellers who don’t use an agent sell their home for 30% more than those who do?” April Fools! It’s actually the exact opposite. In [name your market] For Sale By Owners sell their homes for an average of $XXX LESS than sellers who use a real estate agent.”
  2. Send out an email with a crazy subject like “Quitting real estate forever.” Then in the body say “Just kidding, here are all my new listings.” 

April 11th-14th: The Masters (Golf Tournament)

If you are sitting at an open house Thursday through Sunday, put on the Masters on one of the TVs because the music and setting make for the perfect, tranquil ambient background noise.

For content purposes, the Masters has a famous tagline that is a “tradition like any other.” So, you can use that phrase in your real estate content:

The seller says they are holding fast to the offer review date and then taking a “very compelling” early offer. A tradition unlike any other.

A house that’s been sitting for 120 days magically getting two offers the day your clients want to submit: a tradition unlike any other.

Spending the commission from the home you just put under contract right before the deal falls apart… a tradition unlike any other.

Buyer wants to add another house to see after you’ve perfectly mapped out the schedule for six showings…a tradition unlike any other.

Leaving Continuing Ed to the last second before your license expires… a tradition unlike any other.

Open house guests arrive the second you lock up to talk your ear off about nothing for 30 minutes. A tradition unlike any other.

April 15th: Tax Day

There is definitely some funny content you can create here about how in real estate, everything is a write-off…or at least you think so: drinks, golf (with clients), every time you are in the car, coffee, etc. 

For some value-based content, how about a Reel or blog about the tax benefits of homeownership!? 

Film a Reel or post a carousel to Instagram about the best resources to track expenses and taxes. Not everything has to be directly tied to real estate. If you can somehow help your followers save money through your content they will be more likely to turn to you when they want to transact. 

April 17th: BAMFest

At the beginning of the year, we threw the BAM Pro Bowl the week before the Super Bowl and had over 2,000 live viewers tune in for over three hours! We are running it back on April 17th with another FREE, virtual real estate event called BAMfest. We have an amazing speaker lineup headlined by the number one RE/MAX agent in the world, Jordan Cohen. We will also have musical acts, giveaways, and other fun surprises. Mark this day on your calendar and sign up now. This is a can’t-miss event and again… it’s FREE.


I can’t believe it’s been two years since we launched BAM. All I will say is you need to attend BAMfest because we will have some major announcements around this and the live viewers will be the ones to benefit. Thank you to everyone who continues to support our media company! 

April 20th: IYKYK

April 20th is 4-20. Now, depending on your audience you may not want to address this at all. But, you can definitely do it in a fun, subliminal way that doesn’t directly hit on the fact that you’re referencing THE WEEEED.

Best munchie spots in (insert hometown).

Favorite in-car snacks in between showings.

Best scenic spots to “observe” in your hometown. 

Or, if marijuana has been legalized where you do business, you can talk about how it has affected real estate around dispensaries: positive or negative. 

April 22nd: Earth Day

I have nothing for this. Eco-friendly home tips?


Now more than ever there is a massive spotlight on real estate agents and how we handle ourselves on social media. Public perception of our profession is low and the NAR settlement news made this more apparent. People are watching what we are doing and saying now more than ever.

After speaking with a bunch of agents it has become clear that the WORST thing you can do on social media right now is act like the settlement news is the worst thing in the world. Leave the complaining about NAR and the memes to media companies and myself, because our audience is real estate agents and it is our job to report the news. Your audience is composed of clients and potential clients. So, posting memes and grievances about how buyer agents are dead is probably not a good look. Imagine being a client who sees their real estate agent acting like their job is in jeopardy. Would you want to work with that person? Probably not.

This is why value-based content is going to win. Positive, local content that gets people excited about buying and selling real estate in your area. Be the local reporter in your hometown and really show your value as a real estate agent. Show that proof of business and showcase loud and proud your listing videos and solds. Tell stories about how you problem-solved and got these deals across the finish line. Let the people know why working with you is an amazing experience!

For more discussion on what to post or NOT post about the NAR Settlement watch this…

And finally, if you really want to up your game and produce value-based content we highly suggest you become a member of BAMx. We just launched a new feature on Friday that includes templates and scripts to share with your database—so if you aren’t a part of BAMx yet, now is the time (before prices go up)!