In the Summer of 2019, I got an Instagram DM from Haley Ingram that would change the course of my career. 

As a former agent, Haley had just started a content platform for agents called Coffee & Contracts, and she wanted to see about potentially doing some promos with @TheBrokeAgent to bring more awareness to what she was building. I made a point to rarely do advertisements on the BA account, but after checking it out, I was very intrigued. 

Haley created monthly, topical content for agents to brand and customize, sized for different platforms, with a user-friendly experience and thriving community. After a couple of phone calls, we decided that instead of doing promos, I would create funny content as an affiliate partnership. We launched the Broke Agent templates in May of 2020 and have signed up thousands of members, which helped me get out of production and allowed me to focus full-time on content and growing BAM. 

Haley’s Impact on the Real Estate Industry

Working with Haley has been an extremely enjoyable experience. I’ve watched her help over 15,000 agents, hire a full-time staff, and become one of the go-to voices for content marketing in the real estate industry. What I love about Haley is that she genuinely cares deeply about her community. Every move she makes is to improve the value for her members, and she is willing to evolve and adapt to the constant changes to social platforms and how people consume media. For example, when TikTok/IG Reels came out and started dominating published content, she immediately added Reels templates, scripts, and trending audios for agents to use. Other content platforms have tried to mimic what she has created but have failed in adapting to short-form video.

Over the last few years, I watched Haley emerge as one of the premier thought leaders in social media marketing for real estate. Her Instagram page, @coffeecontracts, gives out some of the best tips in the game, and every podcast or interview I’ve seen of her is jam-packed with value.

Get to Know Haley on Over Ask

Haley Ingram as a BAM Creator

At BAM, we’ve been working with Haley to get more of her content on the website and overall more involved because the people LOVE her. So, we listened to our audience and are proud to announce that Haley Ingram is officially a BAM Creator! 

With BAM, Haley will join The Broke Agent (me) as a LETHAL 1-2 combo for social media marketing. We will be doing webinars, podcasts, blogs, and live events to keep agents informed and encouraged to continue growing their digital brands. 

Haley also launched a course on our new platform, BAMx. Her course, Mastering Canva Design for Real Estate Marketing, is packed with everything you need to know about utilizing Canva for your business. She shows you how to create a brand kit and teaches you step-by-step design creations for all social platforms. 

Haley invited me onto her platform three years ago, and it’s an honor to have her on ours. I can’t wait to see her continue to grow her brand and help BAM completely take over real estate media.