After learning about eXp’s reported year-end debt, BAM took a closer look at the balance sheets of several top-producing brokerages. Here’s how it broke down:

Of course, it didn’t take long for agents to add to the conversation on Instagram and Facebook.

For anyone who didn’t scroll through the entire article, Jason Cassity and Bob Tompkins summed up the key points:

No Surprise 

Many weren’t surprised by the discrepancies between the information eXp presented at its Shareholder Summit and the data in public Consolidated Balance Sheets. 

When asked if eXp purposefully pulled data from different sections of the balance sheets to make themselves look better, there was a common theme in responses:

Best Brokerage?

If there’s one thing many real estate agents are passionate about, it’s being part of the “best” brokerage.

But what does that entail? 

Is it the one with the least amount of debt? Or the highest number of agents? Most transactions closed? Or the one that offers its agents the most support?

Brokerage Models

It’s not surprising that comments about different brokerage models also came into the comment section. 

One thing is for sure: there’s a brokerage model for every type of agent. Have you found the one that works best for you? 

If you’re ready for more of this conversation, let us know if you’d like to see a BAM debate featuring an agent from Real and from eXp.