If there’s one thing real estate agents have a strong opinion on, it’s the National Association of Realtors (NAR). 

So when BAM secured an exclusive podcast with NAR President Kevin Sears, we ensured the interview would provide valuable insights to industry professionals. BAM co-founder Byron Lazine focused on direct, substantive questions, cutting through the usual fluff. 

The result was an interview that dove deep into the most pressing issues that agents are facing today. This aligns with BAM’s commitment to deliver critical industry information openly and freely—never hidden behind a paywall.

Of course, once live, there’s no telling what the comments section will look like. Let’s dive in to what agents had to say. 

Agents React

We’re sharing just a small sampling of comments from YouTube. Those, along with comments on Instagram, in DMs and personal text messages show that industry professionals were clear about one thing: they turn to BAM for content that informs. 

When it comes to opinions about NAR, reactions were a bit more mixed:

While people’s opinions differ, it’s safe to say that the comments include some of the most respectable discussions we’ve seen about NAR in a long time. 

Isn’t that what interviews should be about? They should open the door to discussions that will benefit the industry at large. 

Keep tuning in, and we’ll keep working to deliver the information you deserve.

For the full BAM interview with NAR President Kevin Sears, watch here:

Or, check out the timestamp from the conversation:

00:0000:59 Intro

01:00 Glamorous life traveling as NAR President

04:31 Embrace the changes coming

05:32 Kevin’s journey to NAR President

09:28 How important are relationships within the association when climbing the ladder?

10:49 Are there too many politics in the national and local Realtor associations?

12:28 What’s the control dynamic between Nykia Wright, CEO, and President?

13:12 Nykia is in charge of the staff, collaborative effort on the leadership team

14:06 Kevin is the chief spokesperson for NAR

15:02 Extending Nykia’s contract and what’s next for a new CEO in 2025

17:43 Why is the spend for Havas marketing group between $30-$50 million a year?

19:19 Is there data on the impact marketing has had on the association or its members?

20:50 Do you like the NAR ad campaign?

22:18 One of the biggest benefits for members and their dues dollars is advocacy

23:18 Elected officials are seeing what’s happening… NAR has great relationships with them

24:00 Two talking points for legislative meetings on Capitol Hill (more info at flyin.realtor)

25:36 What’s your opinion on staff salaries?

27:45 Member dues are not going up—and timeline for NAR settlement

29:32 How NAR plans to streamline its budget

30:46 This is an opportunity for us (NAR) to get better

32:02 What’s next for brokers left out of NAR settlement?

37:06 Is NAR covered on copycat lawsuits? What about the buy side?

39:18 What about the DOJ?

42:45 Tie-in agreement between local, state and national associations—is that changing?

44:18 Agent count fluctuates. 

47:11 Why has the membership data been removed from the NAR website?

48:07 Kevin’s “On the Road” videos—a message to his critics

51:25 Any progress with VA loans?

55:22 Thoughts on the RDC campaign and Damian Eales op-ed

56:22 Is there any NAR support from Zillow?

58:39 Final words from Kevin Sears