Today, I’m sharing the number one reason I make timelapse videos. 

And it’s not what you think. 

If you didn’t know already, timelapse is one of the iPhone’s built-in features. It takes a gazillion photos every second and puts them together into a short video called a timelapse. 

Yes, it makes a beautiful piece of content. Yes, it is very cool. But that’s not why I make them. 

This is why. 

When I set my iPhone on a tripod with the timelapse feature, it takes the phone out of my hand. It allows me to document what it is that I’m working on. But what’s more important is it allows me to get into that deep work mindset so I’m not distracted by my phone. 

A few tips: 

#1—Put your phone on “Do not disturb.” Don’t let yourself get distracted by other people. Or if there’s a reason you can’t enable this feature, disable all notifications except the ones you can’t afford to miss.

#2—The timelapse is like a content creator’s Pomodoro technique. It allows you to get into deep work for 20 minutes, take a break for five, get back to it for 20 minutes, which you will find makes you way more efficient. 

I simply put the camera on a tripod, put my phone on “Do not disturb,” click timelapse, and I jump into anything that I’m doing. 

I do this when— 

It allows me to document what’s happening. But more importantly, it allows me to get into deep work and concentration. 

I’m curious what you guys are doing to get into deep work. And if you found this helpful, share it with someone you know.