Amazon Prime Big Deal Days are today and Wednesday. So, here are five products that I am loving for content creation. And if you can get a great deal on any of these this week, then I highly recommend checking them out!

#1—The SMALLRIG suction cup mount & the Sticky-Grippy phone case

I really dig that you can just slap the SMALLRIG suction cup mount on your dashboard. It stays put and holds your phone where you can easily see it. Plus, it currently has a Prime deal going on.

With the Sticky-Grippy iPhone case, you can throw your phone on the window glass and take a selfie. Well, don’t actually throw your iPhone. But you get what I’m saying. Both of these products are well-made and will make your life easier anytime you need to use your phone in the car without compromising your safety. 

#2—iPad floor stand & iPhone selfie light

I’m using an iPad stand in the office and the studio to create time lapses. But I’m also leveraging it at open houses for people to sign in. 

The Weilisi rechargeable iPhone light gives just enough light to illuminate yourself when you’re shooting in the dark, selfie-style. 

Two very small investments—both have Prime deals going on, and both totally worth it. 

#3—The SMALLRIG clamp or one of those water bottles with a magsafe magnet. 

The SMALLRIG clamp is amazing! We literally attach it to everything and film time lapses. I think it provides a really cool perspective, and it’s such a small investment. 

The water bottle is just a hack because it allows you to film selfies with the water bottle, which you should always have with you anyway. 

#4—My favorite microphone: the DJI Mini Mics

The DJI mics are these cool little magnets. They’re discreet, they’re amazing, the audio is good… What can I say? Wearable mics don’t get any better than DJI. 

I know this one is pricey. And I hope it goes on sale during Prime Days—check back in on October 11th for this one, because it is really worth the investment: 

  • It’s high quality with good wireless capability
  • You can connect it to your iPhone or to a professional camera
  • You can attach two other DJIs to it, so you can do collaborations with bigger groups. 

I mean…it’s the best mic! 

#5—Clear iPhone case

I love my ESR clear case for a couple of reasons. Number one, I can put cute pictures of my family in there. And when I’m taking photos of people, they always ask me questions. It’s a great way to start a conversation. 

Number two is it’s clear and it allows me to put my dot card in this. So, this automatically goes to my contact information to be saved, which saves me time when I’m out and about. 

The clear case is a must. 

So, I hope you guys pick up something incredible at Amazon on Prime Day today or tomorrow. Let me know if you have any questions about these products or anything else. And as always, sign up for my video newsletter if you found this helpful.