I recently created the Ambitchous Women Community because I sensed a strong need for female Realtors to have a space where they could connect and grow together. 

I often share about the challenges I faced in 2022, including my mom’s diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s. During that time, it felt overwhelming to constantly see social media filled with people’s successes. I understood that Realtors couldn’t always be thriving; we all have our tough days. So, I made a conscious effort to be authentic and vulnerable online, hoping to set a positive example. 

Many women in the industry have reached out to express gratitude for my vulnerability, sharing that they had been experiencing similar feelings. This inspired me to create Ambitchous Women because I recognized the need for a space where we could all come together, connect, and support each other’s growth.

To spread the word about this community, I posted once on Instagram and sent out a single email invitation. The response to join was overwhelming, and within just two weeks, we’ve already welcomed nearly 300 women into the community.

Ambitchous Women

So today, I’m sharing some tips on how to effectively create a community within your own business.

Getting Started

Don’t view the size of your audience as a problem. Even with a small audience, you can establish big connections with others. Many times we believe we need “more eyeballs” on us, aiming for our content to go viral in order to increase our follower count. But instead of solely focusing on expanding your audience, prioritize nurturing and engaging with the people who are already paying attention.

Audience vs. Community

Yes, there is a difference between your audience and your community. While building your audience on Instagram is important in order to get more people to connect with and follow your brand, go a level deeper and ask, How do I get more people to not only connect with me, but to connect with each other?

Sell With Social

When my friend Kat Massetti and I organized our Sell with Social event, we were surprised to see over 100 Realtors in attendance, many of whom I didn’t even know. This demonstrated to me that people wanted this message, and they were genuinely eager for similar conversations. It made me realize that by continuing to show up and create spaces for these discussions, it didn’t have to be all about us.

So, if you’re nervous about putting yourself out there, just know that all of us are just starting the conversations. 

Sometimes we mistakenly believe that the spotlight is solely on us, which can be intimidating, but it’s not true. We’re just the ones who are brave enough to start the conversations first, which then sparks a movement, and it evolves into something much bigger than just you.

Give Without Asking

I have a strong passion for helping and supporting fellow realtors, and one thing I’ve consistently done is to regularly show up and offer valuable content to my followers. I provide value through my weekly BAM blog posts, offering lead magnets to my followers, and appearing on BAM podcast shows whenever I’m asked. I also prioritize responding to every IG DM within 24 hours. 

Another factor that has contributed to the growth of my community is that I’ve never felt pressured to monetize it. By removing this financial pressure, I can let go of any attachment to specific outcomes.

Defining Brand Messaging

What about your brand messaging serves as the unifying factor? What is it that you want to unite people around? When I clarify my brand messaging, everything becomes easier because it provides a clear direction and purpose for my community. My central goal is to bring women together. I strive to create a space where women can connect with each other, ensuring they never feel alone.

In person connection

Once you’ve established your brand messaging, consider how you can engage with your audience in person. This doesn’t have to be a large-scale event; reaching out to a local business owner seeking exposure and hosting a gathering for 10-15 people can be just as effective. During the event, having a videographer capture every moment will provide valuable content. This content will give your current followers insight into what your community offers.

So what are the core pieces behind a strong Community?

#1 Culture

Create a fun culture. In Ambitchous Women, we prioritize empowerment and personal growth. Our focus is on aspirational identity, meaning, who do we all want to become? I want to encourage members to envision their desired future self. And when you enter my community, you know that you are going to be loved on your entire journey to becoming that person. 

Picture this: You’re invited to a party. You step into the room and find it empty, with weird music playing, no snacks, and maybe just one person awkwardly dancing alone in the corner.

Now, imagine a different scenario: You’re invited to another party. You walk in and hear cool music, welcoming people, and lots of snacks waiting for you. There’s an energy that pulls you in and you just want to know more about it. 

I use this analogy to highlight the importance of cultivating a brand energy that makes people excited to not only join your community, but also to invite their friends.

#2 Make people feel a sense of ownership

It’s not just about us; it’s also about highlighting other members in your community. We shouldn’t be the sole face of our communities. In fact, I’ve dedicated an entire board within my community to spotlighting other community members here. I make it a priority to respond to every community post, emphasizing that I am always listening and engaged with the members.

When people start to feel that it’s their community, not just yours, they feel a natural tendency to invite other people who are like them to be a part of it.

#3 The Climb

Do people see that there is a pathway to continue growing with you? One thing I’ve consistently done is showcase vulnerability online. I do this to demonstrate that I don’t pretend to have it all together.

I am also growing alongside my community members. I am creating a space that is equal parts aspirational and authentic and vulnerable. Connection happens at the point where you can give people permission to be the biggest version of themselves, and also talk about whatever it is that they’re struggling with. This creates a connectivity that cannot be manufactured. People feel that they’re in a space that is expansive and aspirational, and it makes you want to grow.

Getting Tactical: Building a Community for Your Real Estate Business

If you’re thinking tactically about incorporating this into your real estate business, take inspiration from Bonnie Altrudo from Austin, Texas. She created a Facebook group for her neighborhood called Steiner Ranch Living. Starting over two years ago, the group now has over 900 members and continues to grow organically through word-of-mouth referrals. Bonnie has generated around $35,000 in closed transactions from this group and is currently working with four active clients. 

So, how did she grow this group? Let’s break it down. 

Neighbor Spotlight

Bonnie consistently highlights neighbors and local businesses each week, fostering a sense of community ownership. This not only benefits the local businesses by generating new business from each other but also makes people feel deeply connected within her community.

Steiner Ranch Living


In addition, Bonnie regularly shares weekend plans and holiday events happening in the neighborhood, contributing to the culture of the community.

Steiner Ranch events

Showcasing Listings

Bonnie shares her new listings within her community and offers giveaways to incentivize community members to share the listings on their own pages. This strategy gets her in front of a larger audience, resulting in more people joining her group.

new listings

Now’s the Time to Start Your Community

No matter what goal you have—whether it’s to connect with other industry professionals or showcase your listings—creating a thriving community within your business can lead to long-term success. 

Reflecting on the journey of establishing the Ambitchous Women Community, it’s evident that authenticity, empathy, and dedication are paramount in building meaningful connections and fostering growth. By sharing personal experiences and vulnerabilities, and by providing a supportive space for others to do the same, we can inspire a sense of belonging within our communities. 

Whether it’s through online platforms like Instagram or Facebook groups, or in-person events, the key is to make people feel valued and invested in the collective journey. Through consistent engagement, showcasing the strengths of your community, and providing opportunities for collaboration, you can cultivate a vibrant community that drives success for your business and empowers all those involved.