There is a lot of advice online about what to post on social media to grow your audience and increase engagement. I have consistently found green screen videos to do just that. Whether it be an article with local content, national real estate news, or a celebrity real estate portfolio, green screens have performed incredibly well on my social media. 

Here is a step by step process of how I make a viral-worthy green screen. 


Fortunately, you don’t need much equipment to make a visually appealing green screen video. The three things I use to improve the quality of my green screen videos are a tripod, ring light, and microphone.


The more you post, the more efficient you get. I have found the best way to be efficient with time when posting a talking head video is writing a script beforehand. This helps you minimize the amount of takes, and allows you to line up what green screen backgrounds you will use. 

I keep it simple by writing my script in the “Notes” app, and I record on the Teleprompter app. 

Below are a few important tips to keep in mind when writing your script.

Hooks Matter

Start with a 4-6 second hook that uses the word “you,” asks a question, makes a bold statement, or makes it clear what the video is about in an entertaining way. 

My favorite hooks include: 

  • “I might get cancelled for saying this, but…” 
  • “You can say a lot about Ariana Grande, but you can’t say she hasn’t bought and sold a lot of real estate.” 
  • “Did you hear about…” 

Make Sure the Length of the Video is Just Right

Keep it concise, but not too short. I have found 40-70 seconds to be the sweet spot. It gets the point across without being too redundant. 

End with a CTA

End with a question or call to action that will increase engagement. Here are some examples:


My Gen Z attention span is short, similar to many other people who are scrolling on Instagram. I remove any blank space in my videos when I edit them. If there is a pause from my breathing, I edit it out. This is a personal preference, but a long pause will give a viewer a reason to continue scrolling. 


I use the Teleprompter app to record the talking head portion of the video while using a script.

After recording, save your video from the Teleprompter app to your camera roll. This is the raw footage that you are going to insert into CapCut along with your green screen backgrounds. 

Scroll to see the step-by-step of how I edit the video once it’s filmed: 

After downloading the finished product to my camera roll, I add in captions using the Captions app. This can also be done in Capcut, but I like the style of Captions. 

This might feel like a lot of steps, but after you do it a few times, it goes very quickly. Typically, the most time-consuming part of the process is writing the script. 

Steal a few of these tips and tag me (@thekatiekenny) in your next green screen video!