People always ask why I go to real estate conferences. 

A lot of people think they’re a waste of time or a waste of money. And I admit, it can be tough to take time away from your home, business, and team.

But I find the value of these events far exceeds the sacrifices you make to get there. That value comes in many forms: networking, friendships, and knowledge. I feel so strongly about this I even hosted my first Real Estate Video Blueprint with Tim Macy this year.  

Most recently, I attended the Forward Event in July. It’s no surprise that I walked away with new insights, increased motivation, and strategies to level up my business. Here are my top four takeaways from the event. 

Takeaway 1: Chaos = Massive Disruption

And with massive disruption comes massive opportunity. 

We are seeing a shift in the market and the economy at large. Sure, this change feels chaotic. But, as Cole Hatter discussed, that chaos brings opportunity. 

Now is the time to take massive action and create opportunities for yourself. The person with the most buying power wins. 

Takeaway 2: It’s time to double down

Gary Vaynerchuk reminded the audience that now is the time to double down, whether you are going after your fear or your ambition.

Social networks have won the next decade. If you’re not going all in on content, you’re leaving opportunities on the table. Find more sustainable ways to create content, and seek underpriced attention. 

Takeaway 3: You should always seek new information

I mean, it’s one of the reasons I go to conferences in the first place. 

Brad Lea talked about seeking new information and evaluating your decisions. As you make decisions in your daily life, do they move you towards or away from your goals? 

Takeaway 4: You are one decision away from changing your life.

Read that again: 

You are one decision away from changing your life. 

Constantly live in a way where you become that next version of yourself. You have to decide that you will compete and WIN, not just exist. Like Ed Mylett shared, you will reach your goals if you change your standards. 

Forward Event 2022

If you’re not following @neelhome, who threw the Forward Event, you need to. Not only does he put out high-quality content, but he is also constantly adding value for content creators and consumers alike. And he throws a hell of an event. 

If you’re on the fence about attending a real estate conference—let me know. I’m headed to a few more this year and would love to meet up!

For instance, next week’s Tom Ferry Success Summit in Dallas. BAM has the cheapest tickets, get them here!