It’s easy to see why customers are enthusiastic about rewards programs—and why they would be equally enthusiastic about a real estate rewards program. 

After all, if you can accumulate points on your credit card for everyday expenses, why not enjoy rewards when making a significant investment, like buying a home?

That’s where RBN comes in. 

What is RBN?

In 2019, RBN partnered with American Express with the goal of offering American Express customers Reward Points when they purchase a home through an RBN Participating agent. 

Following a successful partnership with American Express, RBN embarked on developing its own rewards platform and now allows any luxury home buyer or seller to use their services to earn points. This eliminates any confusion regarding using RBN’s actual American Express card in the purchase process. 

On average, RBN customers are amassing a remarkable one million points per individual transaction, while the average American Express customer typically earns around 20,000 points annually. This substantial point accumulation empowers RBN to construct the most valuable points platform without encountering the constraints faced by credit card issuers and their relationships with certain travel partnerships.

RBN Rewards

With the launch of RBN Rewards, consumers can redeem points and travel, unlike any other rewards program. Every RBN customer is connected with a dedicated Travel Advisor, ensuring that each RBN client receives VIP treatment. Regardless of the destination, clients gain access to exclusive perks, complimentary benefits, and unparalleled service. Additionally, RBN customers will have the convenience of booking online, including hotel reservations, airfare, and rental car arrangements, all while utilizing their RBN Reward Points. RBN didn’t stop there: it also allows clients to transfer points to their favorite loyalty program, just like with American Express Points. 

In addition to offering exclusive travel benefits, RBN rigorously evaluates luxury agents to guarantee that the entire real estate transaction is a top-tier experience. Clients using the service can still personally interview and choose their agent while having the peace of mind that every agent they interact with has undergone a thorough vetting process.

However, RBN isn’t solely a fantastic experience for homebuyers; it also offers real estate agents an exceptional opportunity for client referrals. Continue reading to discover four advantages of becoming an RBN participating agent. 

#1—Access to High-Quality, Vetted Clients

RBN takes a meticulous approach to ensure that both home buyers and agents are well-matched. Before connecting with partner agents, RBN conducts comprehensive virtual consultations to thoroughly assess potential homebuyers and sellers, confirming their readiness and qualifications for a real estate transaction. This approach ensures one of the highest qualified consumers an agent could ask for.

In addition, the company only matches clients with agents who have demonstrated expertise in specific areas relevant to the client’s requirements. This practice not only maintains the integrity of the RBN experience but also simplifies the process for agents by facilitating introductions exclusively when clients are genuinely prepared to progress with a transaction.

And these are not ordinary consumers; RBN agents gain access to a clientele with the average property at $1 million and up.

#2—No Upfront Cost

RBN operates on a commission-after-closing model, eliminating any upfront costs for agents. This approach allows agents to focus on what they do best—closing deals—without financial barriers. By eliminating upfront costs, RBN allows agents to focus on delivering exceptional service and facilitating successful transactions, creating a mutually beneficial arrangement.

#3—New Marketing Avenues

Agents can leverage RBN not only to secure high-quality introductions but also to enhance their marketing efforts. This includes creating a powerful marketing piece for listings, like this one with Silverleaf Realty.

RBN Homes

Source: RBN Homes

Or, after helping a buyer close a deal, agents can showcase the points their clients received—or the vacation they take—after working with you. This adds a distinctive edge to attract clients who are not only interested in premium real estate but also in lucrative travel rewards.

#4—Unique Value Proposition

For agents working in the $1 million and above price point, partnering with RBN provides an additional tool in the toolkit, setting you apart from the competition and expanding your service offerings. This collaboration sets participating agents apart from the competition by offering a unique value proposition for their clients. 

By aligning with RBN, agents can expand their service offerings, providing a premium real estate experience to clients in the luxury market segment and solidifying their position in a competitive industry.

For real estate agents considering RBN as a lead source, the process begins with a quick application, followed by a review of your experience and an interview. To learn more, visit RBN.