Last week, I spoke at the Real RISE event in San Diego, California. Here are three things I learned while there. 

#1—Busy is the best time to make a change

Alex Hormozi was the keynote speaker and he eloquently explained that the best time to commit and make a change is when we are busy. 

Here’s how he explained it. When we’re busy, we never want to commit to anything. We always wait for a time when we’re not busy to commit to whatever action we want to take. 

The challenge with that is as soon as you’re busy again, you cut off or quit whatever task you took up. So, the best time to commit to a new action is, in fact, when you’re the busiest. 

#2—You want to be a ‘man of the people’

Let me explain. Tamir Poleg, CEO of Real, and Sharrán Srivatsaa, Real’s president, were unbelievably connected to all the agents from the stage. That connection was palpable! They knew people’s names, they were hugging, shaking hands, and engaging on a one-on-one basis. 

To see the executives of a publicly traded company like Real engage with their agents was very special. I want to be a man of the people forever. And I think one thing all of us should keep in mind is no matter where we end up in the industry, we always want to be one amongst the people that got us there. 

#3—You don’t win in life; you stay in life

Alex Hormozi completely crushed it. And one important point he made was that you don’t win certain things. You just kind of stay in them. And real estate is a great example. 

As he put it, you never “win” at being a real estate agent. You just stay being a real estate agent. You never win at being married. You just stay married. You never win at YouTube or Instagram or social media. You just stay doing those things. And that really resonated with me. 

There’s no “winning” in life. It’s just pushing and never giving up. 

If you have any questions or you want to know what else I learned about at the Real RISE event, send me a DM.