Sometimes, we find ourselves scrolling through @thebrokeagent when procrastinating…err, looking for inspiration. 

Lucky for us, nestled in his real estate memes, the BA gives a lot of solid advice. Including countless examples of what NOT to do as a real estate agent. 

So if you’re looking for tips on how to boost your business (or a way to kill some time), scroll through some of our favorite Broke Agent memes and avoid making these 10 agent mistakes. 

Mistake 1: Not Hiring a Pro Photographer

It doesn’t matter how good your iPhone is. If you post photos like this, you can count on receiving lowball offers because no one will take your listing seriously.

Mistake 2: Putting offer due dates in the MLS:

This may have been acceptable at the height of the buyer frenzy, but listings are sticking around longer in today’s market. 

Mistake 3: Avoid making calls

Rumor has it, Tom Ferry goes bananas every time someone flakes on their calls. Stop being afraid and pick up the phone. 

Mistake 4: Sending porn with listing documents

Whatever you want to do in your spare time is cool with us, but keep the erotica away from your business documents. Not everyone is into real estate porn.

Mistake 5: Drink too much before an open house 

Just keep it to 4 drinks, max. 

Mistake 6: Telling your seller an offer is coming

Real estate laws state that anytime you tell your seller something great is coming, something horrible happens instead. Do yourself a favor and wait until papers are signed. 

Mistake 7: Write listing descriptions in ALL CAPS

We can’t believe agents are still yelling in their listing descriptions, but here we are. If you are doing this, stop. 

Mistake 8: Not doing a walk-through before showings

You should always arrive at your showings early for a quick walk-through. You may not be able to fix the issue, but at least you can warn your clients. And if you’re working with the seller, give them a little checklist to get their home show ready.

Mistake 9: Listing your office line as your phone number 

If you do this, you might as well put ‘part-time agent’ on your business card. 

Mistake 10: Virtual tour slideshows 

We’ve seen some epic property videos. Slideshows never impress.