Every September, Apple’s iPhone event gets a lot of attention. Not everyone rushes out to get the latest drop, but there’s plenty for every Apple user to learn. 

Shortly after the big event, a new iOS version is made available to all Apple users, and this month’s iOS 16 release has solved a few big problems. Here are the most significant updates hitting your iPhone this month and how the features can help you in your real estate business. 

Unsend Messages 

If you wish this update came out five years ago, you aren’t alone. Users can now unsend or edit recent iMessages and emails, allowing you to fix a typo or pull back a message you accidentally sent to the wrong person. 

This is huge for real estate agents. We’ve all sent the wrong message to a client and have been left trying to explain an erratic text. Hopefully, our clients will provide the same courtesy, so we don’t have to see any more messages like this:

To unsend a message, touch and hold the message bubble, then tap ‘Undo Send.’ Another helpful update to the Messages app is the ability to mark a message as unread if you can’t respond at the moment and want to come back to it later.

Be aware the unsend feature doesn’t erase all signs of a text. The recipient sees that you unsent a message and your edit history, and the feature doesn’t work for messages sent to non-apple devices (the Google vs. Apple beef continues) or iPhones not running iOS 16. 

Redesigned Lock Screen

The Lock Screen design on iOS 16 is now completely customizable. There’s a wide range of options for widgets, typefaces, animated wallpapers, and multilayered effects for images. Users can also create multiple lock screen/home screen pairings that can alternate. 

Now, you can have a work Lock Screen that displays important upcoming events and news, and another for the rare occasions you aren’t in work mode. You can also save time by incorporating the live activity feature on your home screen to keep track of sports scores while sitting around open houses.



You now have the option to view notifications on the lock screen in an expanded list view, stacked view, or hidden view. Notifications appear at the bottom of the screen, so they stay out of the way. Thanks to Apple, it’s even easier to ignore texts from your clients!


A new streamlined setup for focus lets you select the apps and people you want to receive notifications from by either allowing them or silencing them. You can connect your Lock Screen to your Focus status, so the look and feel of your iPhone match how you want to use it at the moment. 

With a swipe, you can go from your personal Focus to your work Focus with widgets showing upcoming meetings and to-do lists. This feature will be helpful for the constant switches in priorities during the work day of the average agent. 

Apple Pay Later

Apple is finally catching to buy now, pay later services like Afterpay and Klarna. Using your Apple Wallet, you can now split the cost of your Apple Pay purchase into four payments over six weeks with no interest or fees. Foot the bill at your next business lunch with no worries!

Wrapping Up

Apple plans to unveil more updates later in the year, so make sure to stay up to date with us to keep your finger on the pulse of technological advancements that can make life as an agent easier!