We’d like to think no one does it anymore.

But a quick search on Zillow is all it takes to find dreaded listing descriptions written in ALL CAPS. In every state. And in a wide range of prices. 

We can just imagine what the agents writing these look like:

But seriously, if you are still doing this, it’s time to stop. And not just because it’s annoying. A new study found there are no benefits to capitalizing blocks of text. In fact, all caps makes it harder for readers to understand, especially older readers. 

Just look at some of these shouting descriptions found on Zillow, all of which went live in the past 24 hours. And if you want some tips on writing a semi-decent description, scroll to the end of this post. 

And then there are agents who do the double whammy: listing descriptions in all caps and unprofessional photos taken with a camera worse than an iPhone. At this point, you may as well add ‘I DON’T CARE ABOUT THIS LISTINGto the description. 

Top Tips for a Better Listing Description

So, how can you make your listing descriptions stand out (or, at the very least, look professional)? Here are some quick tips from a BAM staff writer, who has written hundreds of listing descriptions for agents:

  1. Pretend you are walking someone through the home. What are the most unique features of the property? Instead of restating how many bedrooms and bathrooms, focus on aspects of the property that you would be most eager to show guests if you lived there. 
  2. Use action words in the present tense. This helps readers visualize themselves in the home: ‘Easily entertain guests with an open floor plan and wrap around deck…or Sip coffee in the sun-filled breakfast nook…’ 
  3. Vary sentence length. This makes a big difference when it comes to readability. So, if you write two short sentences in a row, aim to make the following sentence longer. 
  4. Spell check. Grammarly’s free version checks spelling and basic grammar. Definitely worth the extra 30 seconds to double-check your work.

If writing is not your thing, or it takes you an hour to write a one-paragraph listing description, just hire someone to write them for you. It will save you time, and probably make you look a lot better in the end.