There’s a new parody king. And he speaks for frustrated homebuyers across the country. 

Last week’s BAMfest—our free virtual event that had real estate professionals across the country glued to their screens from start to finish—featured a new gem of a video by Southwest Florida-based Realtor and content creator Derrick Gregory

The video parodies “Yellow” by Coldplay, using the background instrumentals for a song dedicated to the time-honored pastime of browsing “homes I can’t afford” on Zillow

And folks, it is epic! It helps that Derrick has a fantastic singing voice. But the video as a whole is just too good to only read about. 

We dare you to watch it only once. 

Zillow marketing par excellence

It’s true Zillow has just launched its “Home Just Got Real” ad campaign, featuring three video ads that celebrate the resilience of today’s homebuyers—particularly those of younger generations, who typically have fewer financial resources to tap for a home purchase. 

Those same homebuyers deserve some humor as well as empathy and encouragement. So, we’re thinking Derrick Gregory’s video could be the perfect complement to Zillow’s campaign. Not to mention an epic follow-up to SNL’s Zillow skit that premiered in 2021 (because let’s face it, a lot has changed in the housing market since then).

Why not capture all the moods that go with shopping for homes online—from fixer-uppers at (relatively) bargain prices to move-in-ready dream homes with jaw-dropping price tags?

Derrick knows there’s a whole range of emotions homebuyers are going through right now—usually a heady mix of those feelings all at the same time. So, when we say his video is “a whole mood,” that’s exactly what we mean. 

If you watched it and felt like you wanted to laugh and cry, you get it. 

Check out his Reel yourself and share your thoughts. And, for pity’s sake, if you’re not already following this guy, get on that so you don’t miss any of his new content.