Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram. This week features a death trap bed, horrible DIY styles, and a very weird Florida home!

#1— Baby Cage

What kind of child wants a glorified dog crate to sleep in? And in what world does this look like a dugout?

#2—Cat chairs

This kind of shit is why I don’t trust cat people.

#3—DIY  toilet design

Coastal design is in I guess!

Probably an idea that could’ve been outsourced to a professional. 

#4—Perfectly Florida

Looks like a creepy sex dungeon, but you can’t beat that view!

#5—Double Sink

I love the non-functional design on this one.

#6—Death Trap Bed

There’s not a chance in hell that this is structurally sound. Just because your kid wants a bunk bed and there’s no space doesn’t mean you have to resort to this. 

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