Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram. This week features creative solutions, awful entrances, and a listing photo that is waaay too casual.

#1— Bedathroom

Innovation that excites.

#2—Built-in sink

This photo had people shockingly divided in the comments. While some agreed this design was outrageous, others appreciated the environmentally friendly aspects of it. Personally, I have to agree with @mrvalenty on this one.

#3—Tight squeeze

I guess you have to respect them for trying to find a solution.

#4—Homey AF

An honest real estate pic I guess?

#5— grand entrance

Decks are getting pretty expensive these days. Definitely a creative workaround.

#6—Off on, on off, on off

Give me a week. I’ll have every switch’s purpose memorized.

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