Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram.

#1— Power Moves Only

Photoshopping a car in the driveway that’s worth more than the house is foolproof, right? 

Look, someone with terrible financial skills lives there! Where do I sign??

#2— Scrat Sink

I, for one, think that these people made the best of a bad situation.

#3— Skateboarders Paradise

Wake up, guys; new death trap stairs just dropped! 

Cool idea, poor execution.

#4— Steps steps steps to the tub

Seems like a lot of work to take a relaxing bath…

Our favorite comment from @mer.espo “I want a motion sensor to detect while I am climbing the stairs to the tub and a big orchestral fanfare to play every time”

#5— Irish Fireplace

This is one of the ugliest real estate pics I’ve come across in my worst-of-the-week career. I can’t believe someone has to live in a home with this.

#6— Me Ow

I’ve noticed a trend in “Worst of the Week”—absolutely unhinged decorating from cat owners.  Cannot say the same for dog owners 👀

#7— Fixed it!

Talk about trying to put a bandaid on a bullet hole…

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