New Year, new horrifying real estate pics! Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram.

#1— Friendly Neighbors

I know housing is tough, but I can say from personal experience that ostriches are mean little fuckers. This bizarre Facebook listing is a HARD pass. 

More bad news for this wannabe landlord? Facebook has recently tightened up its rules for posting listings

#2— Wallpaper Nightmare

What do you get when you mix ugly wallpaper with a weird FedEx racecar decal? Whatever the hell this is.

#3— Never judge a book by its cover…

I was so ready for this to be normal. The feeling I got from this industrial hellscape meets nightclub is one I have known all too well since I started writing these blogs.

#4— TMI Decor

Good for you guys, but I’m leaning toward hating both. Stop leaving your weird decor up for listing photos, you freaks.

#5— In da club

I actually really liked the first few slides of this home before I got to the sleazy nightclub. But, for real, can you think of anyone who’d rather go club in the basement of an unsuspecting suburban home over a real nightclub?

#6— Cat Bathroom

I can’t think of a worse room for someone on a bad drug trip to walk into.

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