Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram.

#1— Live, Laugh, Poop

Getting mixed signals here. 

Guess you have to use the tub 💩

#2— Insane Bathroom Art

This is the most unique angel mural I’ve ever seen. Would love to see it painted over!

#3—Backyard Tower

This is oddly terrifying. 

Our favorite comment from the very optimistic user @jephonica, “Easy zombie evacuation strategy? Flawless Wi-Fi signal, your phone never loses reception and you’ll never hear a plane or helicopter fly by. Great for watching lightning storms.

#4—Ice Cream Parlor

My main concern here would be security. Can you imagine how many people would be walking up to your front door every day?

The kitchen is cute, but all of the other patterns here are ruining it for me. 

#5—Stairs Glitch

You cannot convince me this isn’t a video game glitch. I tried to figure this one out but got a headache after a few minutes of staring at it. 

#6—Fenced In Dining Room

Really curious about the circumstances that lead to this…

#7—Another Bathroom Kitchen

The phrase “don’t shit where you eat” has NEVER been more appropriate.

How is this allowed? Finding a place to live is difficult, but I cannot imagine earnestly showing this place to a client.

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