The market is changing fast. Interest rates are up over 100% since their all-time low.  Affordability has fallen. Inventory is growing every day. Demand is down, and buyers are getting pickier.  

If you’re in growth mode, these changes don’t scare you. They excite you. 

Selling a home now will be significantly harder than we are all used to. As the market continues to shift, many agents will find themselves with a dry pipeline. These agents will either find a team to join or exit the business. 

If you are looking to grow your team, this presents a massive opportunity.

What Agents Want

Thousands of agents right now are looking for more. 

Confused about the current state of the market, consumed by fear, and desperate for business, many agents need help. This is where you (and your team) come in. But first, you need to understand what agents are looking for in exchange for giving up some of their hard-earned commission. 

Most agents I talk to are looking for five things from a team:

  • Opportunities. Agents make money when they are in front of buyers and sellers. Ideally, ready-to-transact buyers and sellers. Most are ready to work but don’t like the hunt of the client. Agents interviewing teams are looking for leads. 
  • Mentorship. Real estate in an extremely dynamic environment. The business is constantly changing, which means training must be consistent, ongoing, and hyper-relevant. Agents are looking for a home where they will be taught how to be great salespeople, feel supported with their transactions, and held to higher standards. 
  • Space. In a ridiculously online world, where you can work from anywhere, my experience is the best agents come into the office, even if it’s 1-2 hours per day. Agents aren’t just looking for any office – they are seeking out high-energy spaces where they can learn, grow, and raise their confidence to take action. 
  • Comradery. Real estate is a tough business. It’s also a very lonely business when working by yourself. Agents I talk to want to feel like they are part of something bigger. A team, or “work family,” where they celebrate wins, learn from their losses, and spend more time with like-minded peers.  
  • Systems. Most solo agents are so distracted by the back end of their business that they don’t have time to focus on money-making activities. Agents make money when they schedule appointments, go on appointments, and write contracts. Take the rest off their plate and growth is inevitable.

How to Find Agents Ready to Join a Team

So now you’re probably asking yourself, What’s the best way to meet agents looking to join teams?

Here are the top four ways we’ve been able to create more opportunities at the Robert Mack Group:

  • Ask your sphere. Talk to your friends, family, clients, referral agents, and professional vendors about your desire to grow. Share your ideal agent avatar with the hopes that some can make an organic introduction!  
  • Start up conversations. What better way to get to know an agent than to do a deal with them? Most agents we deal with are okay, but we work with some incredible agents from time to time. Post-closing, set up a time to connect and see where it goes.
  • Post a job listing. Old school, but it works. A job listing is a great way to find a larger pool of potential candidates you can put through a process, meet, or speak with to determine whether or not they’d be a good fit.  
  • Social Media. Let the world know what you want and who you’re looking for! You never know who will share your post and who that post will reach. Even though you may not think it, people are watching!

Growing a team is not rainbows and unicorns — if it were easy, everyone would do it. If you’re going to set God-like goals, you’re going to have God-like challenges on your way to the top! The first step to expanding is knowing what agents want and how to attract the right people.