Today’s episode of The Real Word started with news that, understandably, is making agents nervous. Lawsuits in real estate are on the rise in 2023. 

Byron Lazine and Nicole White weigh in on why lawsuits against real estate agents have become more prevalent—and what agents can do to make them far less likely. 

One of those things, of course, is to have real and honest conversations about market conditions, including which quarter of the year actually is a good time to be a home buyer. Because, like it or not, it can’t be every quarter. 

Racket #2 focused on a Realtor Magazine article on how real estate agents can build relationships that last through good and bad markets, which ties handily to the previous topic. 

Finally, for racket #3, Byron and Nicole reviewed the rollout of NAR’s 5th “That’s Who We Are” ad campaign after their latest fee hike. Stay until the end to hear their reactions to three of the new NAR ads and their thoughts on whether NAR is getting its money’s worth. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0001:45 Intro

01:45 Racket #1: Lawsuits against real estate professionals 

03:41 Inspection waivers and poorly-trained agents

05:43 You need to be upfront and honest about market conditions 

08:25 Follow-up emails with deadlines—and why NOT to use the word “assume”

11:14 Racket #2: “Build relationships that last through good, bad markets”

13:41 What great agents are doing: Giving great, trustworthy, transparent advice

17:47 Racket #3: NAR’s 5th ad campaign

20:21 Byron and Nicole react to three of the new NAR ads

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